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My poor widdle head hurts

My poor widdle head hurts

My head hurts so damned bad this legislative session I can’t even remember how many days into it we are. My cannabis consumption has increased by a THIRD. Not simply to manage the pain in my body, hands, and arms, but my head – and an ever increasing anxiety.

What in the BLEEP?!?!

Not simply about JUST Cannabis either. Our legislature is INSANE this year. I have spoken to many of the long time GOP party members I know, long time friends, and they are just as stunned.

Guns in bars and banks? I was FLOORED by that one – especially with the fact that we do still have “showdowns at the OK corral” in Montana. Right here in lil ol Lincoln for that matter – 60 miles from ANYWHERE. NO emergency services for 60 miles – and lifeflight over mountain ranges – treacherous ones. Just had a gun throw down last October, right before Halloween. Did they forget about that? Did they even KNOW about that? I would HOPE so – but I doubt it.

They don’t pay attention. They WON’T pay attention. It is SO frustrating.

So – re: medical cannabis in Montana and our current legislative body – personally – I think we’re all SCREWED. I know for a fact they all received The 2011 Legislator’s Guide to Medical Cannabis. I helped deliver all 150 copies – and filled out forms for the Seargent’s of Arms in both House & Senate. Have they read it? Have they even cracked the cover?

I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT! It is quite apparent in the questions they ask – and their actions. They understand NOTHING and are governing by social stigma, rather than science and fact. GOD FORBID they listen to a patient or a grower dontcha know…..we all be CRIMINALS!

Give me a friggin break.

Shall we talk about Code of the West? Spear-chucking? Any MORE of the plethora of time-wasters – and just plain STUPID legislation.

Maybe we DO need to legislate a Code of the West for these idiots – they most certainly do NOT practice it! They need a reference point – someplace to start I guess. Their parents didn’t raise them with the same values they think they need to Legislate. That’s the trouble with having so many “imports”.

I say they damned well should PRACTICE what they PREACH before they even attempt to legislate it. Then they might realize WHY it is such a stupid thing to Legislate. You can’t fix stupid – and you cannot legislate common sense!


I’ll tell you – it has been interesting from my standpoint. Here we have a shifty boot Governor – who threatens to veto – rather than Govern. A House of 100 Representatives who LIE on the floor – OPENLY – with no fact checking before they speak. Senators who see you coming in the hall and duck and run. See them at a social function – and it’s quite apparent you’re NOT one of the “cool kids”.

Science and FACT have been given – and they still run on stereotypes and lies – with a GOAL to DECREASE numbers in the medical marijuana program in Montana.

Which one of ANY of them has a medical degree to tell 26,ooo patients to go on opioids? Their ultimate goal is about 2,000 patients.

Or so I am told……

Yet – prescription drugs are a HUGE problem in Montana – and they want to put us all on THAT freight train! PILLS KILL!

What happened to MY right to govern MY body? Cannabis works for me – and allows me to function daily – better than any pharma treatments EVER would – with no risk of death.

As a matter of fact – I feel better than I ever have in my LIFE!

They want to take that away from not just me – but many like me. They consider me a “pothead” because I am not DYING. Well – I have news for them – I do not want to die by pills! I have NO desire to be trapped in a chemical coma – destroying my kidneys and liver along the way.

I will also fight VERY hard NOT to have it taken away.

If they only knew the history of how and why it was made illegal. If they only CARED. If only…..

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