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Simply stunned.

Y’know….after growing up in Montana for 34 years, I’da thunk I’d seen about everything. We had the Freemen…..We had cyanide heap leach mining…..We had game farms. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy…..yup – we had that too.

Of course – being from Lincoln how could I POSSIBLY not mention good ol Ted. Yup – Ted Kaczynski – The Unabomber. I moved to Lincoln in February of 1996 – they hauled ol Ted off on 4/2/96. I really thought it was April Fools a day late……

Fast forward almost exactly 15 years…..

Whee-DOGGIE! Welcome to Montana’s 62nd Legislative Session.

I’m in Bozeman today. Had to WORK sometime – we’re not all as rich as the general population thinks!

So….I caught the ass end of the 2nd reading on HB161.

WOW! I mean….can you say WOW?!?!?!

Lemme tell you…..there were some Democratic Senators out there today who showed some BALLS! I SO appreciate their efforts!

Senator Keane – you get my first “hats off” for where I walked in – as it was just before he took the mike. THANK YOU Senator Keane!

Senator Wanzenried. THAT man is my FREAKIN HERO! Not often does a man stand on the floor of the Senate and wear their BALLS PROUDLY and wield them ever so appropriately.  I was ever so pleased to hear him state publicly that he had knowledge that folks on the floor of the Senate knew about the DEA Raids before they happened.

Senators had made comments about the few attendees.

Well – Senator Wanzenried summed it up rather effectively. I will take it further.

They are SCARED! So nice to take honest Montanans and frighten the HELL out of them right in the middle of session! GREAT way to eliminate folks from testifying!

Nice strategy folks……great way to push a repeal through. So glad you can play political poker with folks lives.

I don’t know how you sleep at night.

Senator Gillian – THANK YOU for standing up and talking about all the anti-drug propaganda folks they brought in with big money behind them. I have been privy to a couple e-mails… has been rather disgusting.

SO….lessee…….brief re-cap…..

Start out with a big fight at the microphone in the beginning…..

“OH SHIT” say the opposition “there ARE a LOT of them. My my….we had better DO something about that!”

March 14, 2011 – there’s the SOMETHING. Just so happened to be Federal DEA Raids (Wait – call it what it is – ROBBERY. No freakin arrests – no charges…..)

Results? JUST what they wanted…..Patients RUN for the hills – scared for their lives.

Caregivers – well – there are still quite a few brave souls standing. A few BRAVE MONTANA SOULS who will stand up for what is right.

In the meantime – then the opposition brings in the big money anti-drug propaganda guys to fill the freaked out legislatures minds with lies and corruption…….

PERFECT brew to set up for repeal.

I call in on the phone lines. What’s crazy is this – when I ASK THEM – the operators – what kind of responses they are getting on the same bills I am calling on (today SB423 and HB161) – they told me probably 90% (a HUGE majority one gal said) were all calling in and saying NO.

Then…..votes like this pass – and they don’t read e-mails. Don’t read e-mails – or phone messages I guess.

Is this April Fools Day? Early?

I sure hope so……