The battle must ensue……..

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Medical Cannabis, Montana Politics

I am in a somewhat reflective mood today…..considering the past week and all. It has been RATHER challenging.

After 2 days in the Capitol this week – it was time for me to travel. Time to go see my folk – my friends – my fellow “scourge”…….as we have been deemed per legislation.

So nice to be judged. Used as a pawn in a political game of poker. Not just ANY poker game – but a damned BAD one. That’s the worst part.

Somebody PLEASE – shoot the freakin dealer!

Yup – I went to hang out with MY CROWD – as I was so thoroughly disgusted with the Capitol crowd. If I had to look at Essman, Knox, Peterson, Wittich, Lewis, Vincent,


The list is just too damned long to complete.

But if I had to look at them any more this week – I think my ass would have fallen off – and my brain would have melted into my skull from the sheer disbelief and witness of stupidity and destruction on our statehouse floor.

It truly takes every ounce of my being not to LEAP the frickin rail and land in the middle of all that shit and go all Bruce Lee on their asses.

Alas….I’m a gimped up dreamer. Back in the day – I mighta done it.

Alas troops….I digress. I came here to rally….

That is what we must do now – rally together. All along – I have told folks – we have GOT to get along – as unity is our best weapon. It is how we will beat them – conquer them.

We HAVE to folks. There are so many critically ill folks I know – it’s their faces I see in my sleep at night. I know the trials and tribulations MANY have gone through – all now at risk to lose it because of the actions of few.

That just plain ain’t fair……

I have heard the stories of caregivers across the state – jerking plants and pulling lights. The raids were timed perfectly now weren’t they? Scared the HELL out of folks – and I really can’t blame them. Cept for one thing – we ALL knew what we were getting into – getting into this right? Didn’t we ALL weigh the risks?

I think about them now – as I go into my small community of Lincoln. I was at my daughters program this weekend at the school. The hugest obstacle for me was last year – when I launched Montana Connect. I had went to my school – and had a sit-down with the school administrator, as I felt compelled to protect my child.

Turns out I was right – within a couple hours of going public – classmates were hassling my daughter and calling her names – stating her mother was a “drug dealer”.  Funny – all over a MAGAZINE.

I’m a patient. A patient who owns a magazine and takes advantage of my right to grow as a patient. Ask me about my success……not so good in the growing department. LOVE it – not so good at it – that’s why I educate and publish a magazine.

It’s my place. My part in this new wonderful world I love so much. The “scourge” as we have been called – are actually some pretty freaking AMAZING people! Brave, educated, talented, and very compassionate.

Yes – we have our “bad guys” – and we all hate em too. Livestock has their bad guys too – look at Leachman Cattle for instance – in Billings. They have been a “scourge” to the livestock industry as long as I remember – from back in the day when I worked in Livestock – over 10 years ago. Rampant abuse – questionable practices – and hundreds of horses abandoned on tribal land.

But that’s “ok” I guess…..according to how we are currently being governed. The ol Cowboys at Leachman’s can do as they please, the politicians shall turn their eye. GOD FORBID anybody try to do something about it – or even mention it. I remember how it all worked. It drove me crazy……

So – after what I have witnessed the past few weeks – I don’t know about you – but I’m rather pissed about it all. The lies are unconscionable – the deceit. ALL in our own statehouse! I SERIOUSLY think any and all should swear an oath to truth before they can utter a WORD. It would eliminate the games – and speed up the process.

NOW is the time folks. Instead of getting all freaked out and consumed by adrenaline (personally – I hate that feeling) – get MAD. Let it motivate you to motivate others. CONTINUE to write your politicians! e-mail them! Write and fax! All info to do so is


(Be sure to click the HERE above to go folks… will open another tab for your reference)

Now – to e-mail them ALL in house and senate – we had a wonderful soul put all e-mail addys into a group. Here is the House: Simply copy and paste group into your “To” field – and I use the BCC field. Keeps em guessin as they can’t see everybody who got it. You can click on them individually – but it’s a pain in the ass……,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And we CANNOT forget our Senate:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There’s all the tools folks – and here’s a few more things to START NOW so we can be ready!

Make lists of all folks who are registered voters – have group e-mail lists ready – and phone trees for the non-techy folks.

Get as many folks registered to vote NOW – as you have to be a registered voter to sign a petition. They COUNT on us being not registered. I don’t know about you – but I have been a registered voter since I turned 18 – 26 years now. They work for US.

To close – I will include the response I got from Senator Dave Wanzenried. The e-mail I sent is below – my subject was “Stunned Constituent”

Well folks – we have hit a new low haven’t we?

Thanks for making thousands of ill Montanans pawns in your little bargaining game.

I’m not going to threaten your offices – I will just do it. Each and every one of you who vote to hurt your fellow Montanans – I will work diligently to REMOVE you from your offices – and keep you from EVER getting into another one.

You have been presented with FACTS – all of you – multiple times. You CHOOSE to run with LIES and promote them.

I simply cannot abd WILL NOT support that in political office.

You folks are DESTROYING people – and using us as pawns.

Shame on each and every one of you. If this is the “wrong crowd” to run with – what the HELL is yours? No group I ever care to associate with – EVER.

Liars….liars and thieves. Lewis – Vincent – I am ESPECIALLY disappointed with you. LAME ASS excuses for repeal. Oh – and thanks for asking for input Vincent. I expect you’ll slam your door in my face EVERY time now? Anybody slam doors on the anti-drug folks? I bet not……

And for what it’s worth – remember Jennifer? The seizure patient from Bozeman? The stress of all of this has set off her seizures……she looks like HELL. The patients I have seen over the past 3 days are physically ILL over this. The calls I get…..unbelievable.

You folks are hurting SO MANY simply by your actions abd voices on the floor…….freaking them out and stressing them beyond their limits.

Do YOU care???

Oh….wait….we’re just a bunch of “potheads” – I forgot. I was blinded by science.

Essman – I am sure you are enjoying peoples pain and suffering.

I will remember EACH and EVERY one who made these folks out here suffer like this,,,,,,Each and EVERY one. We have video from session to back it all up too. Load videos in my smartphone and hit the campaign trail.

Promote the helpers – STOMP the hurters. I have a magazine to do it with too…..and I WILL. Next issue I start. You cannot take away my Freedom of Speech…….

I bet this session would try though… already have.

Hiedi Handford

Montana Connect Magazine
P.O. Box 432
Lincoln, MT 59639
~ We Bring Integrity & Credibility to the Medical Cannabis Industry~

Senator Wanzenried responded – and made me want to kiss him. His response is below:

Thank you for your note, Heidi.
Please remember one thing: We work for you (or at least we are supposed to).
Please don’t settle for anything less. Hold all of us accountable to your standards.
Please stay tuned and stay in touch with me.
Dave Wanzenried
My response to him:
Senator Wanzenried 

Thank you so much for your response. It means so much.

Call me if you have questions or directions. 406-594-7932

I spoke with Mary this morning. I thank God for both of you.

Hiedi Handford

And what I interpret to be a cry for help from a brave Senator…..
We are doing the best we can, Heidi.
As of right now, it isn’t enough.
We’ll keep trying.
Dave Wanzenried
NEVER say DIE people!!!!!


PLEASE feel free to comment below – or even post copies of your letters. Also – PLEASE subscribe – and share. Our voices must be heard.

Please join me!


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