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I watched a movie this morning……Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts.

It really hit home with me – as to parallels in my life, in its own way.

Here’s the storyline from

Liz Gilbert (Roberts) had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having – a husband, a house, a successful career – yet like so many others, she found herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wanted in life. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery. In her travels, she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy; the power of prayer in India, and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali

I will be newly divorced soon – and as far as a career – well – success is a definition yet to be fully defined in my life.

This movie hit home on an industry level for me too – as the title of this particular post should imply. As an industry in Montana – I truly feel we have been ruined. I have been suffering serious grief as of late at the loss of so much. The idea of losing the strains, the labs, the science. The idea of losing relief for SO MANY patients……and they blame it all on one – or a select few – yet punish ALL, rather than fix the problem. It just sickens me.

In my personal life – I am leaving a man I adore and love very much ~ for he has a mistress – and her name is Rainier. It has been a very difficult decision to make – as I knew when I met Bruce he liked his beer – but back in that day – I guess I still believed I could win over the beer.

15 years later – it is quite apparent I lost that battle. My highly intelligent, hard working man cannot give up his 12-18 ladies per night – and enters the complete stupid zone by 8pm every night. He busts his ass – and he works hard – but emotionally – he checks out.

I can’t play that game anymore…….my soul screams for it’s mate.

It’s not even a sex thing – that was great – and is what held us together all those years I believe. Sex only goes so far though – and if your mate cannot be present for you – appreciate you – hell just be THERE for you on a daily basis to face life’s challenges together……as a TEAM – well – then sex really doesn’t mean much anymore……

I listen to this every day – even though I’m the “leaver”…….I still have to get Stronger every day. I will always love Bruce:

The connection is gone though……has been for many years. Drowned in an ocean of beer. I hope this brings to light for folks my aversion to alcohol……

I need to connect on so many different levels in my life right now…..which is probably why this movie hit so close to home for me. Ruin IS the road to transformation – and I am learning that very difficult lesson in life right now – privately and publicly. In my home life – and with my magazine.

I’m wrapping my head around the utter destruction of an industry I LOVE. I saw so much good here – before the legislative session. I had so much HOPE. I REALLY had faith Montana would be able to make a difference. My GREAT STATE I grew up in – grew to love values of liberty and freedom and truly UNDERSTAND those values……

Now – I didn’t have blinders on. I KNOW we have “bad guys” out there dammit. Folks who have known me for any period of time know I have my “list” – and I have refused and not pursued certain folks inner-industry exactly for that reason. I had a feeling, or had observed behavior, that I was not comfortable with, and there was and still is no amount of money that will ever allow them to publish an ad in ANY of my publications. I could be bleeding on the side of the road gasping for air – and I would still VOID the check with a fat Sharpie before I would ever take blood money.

Yes….it’s THAT important to me, and I have stood by that premise from day 1.

So….where do I go from here? Good question. Montana Connect is flopping like a trout out of water in the Blackfoot River in November – and de-watering faster as every day goes by. This big ol Brown trout looks to the pools – and hopes for water – and re-birth. Another chance.

I knew a boy once who saved trout from de-watering in the Blackfoot – that kid caught and showed me some of the HUGEST brown trout I have ever laid eyes on. Well – in his 12th year growing up on this river – that young boy found the trout dying – and he called out. He called out to our community, and we all came runnin…..and we saved them all.

We lost Jack to a terrible accident at the young age of 20 just over 4 years ago – he grew up with my eldest daughter – and I will ALWAYS remember Jack Horner – and his love for the Blackfoot River, his Family, and his Community.

I wish we had more Jacks in this world…….he was an amazing young man with a HUGE heart – and I am so blessed to have the Trout memory – and every other memory.

Colorado looks to be my Jack Horner folks…….my savior – who will put me back in the deep water – and help me keep Montana Connect alive.

Alive to rebuild – and be reborn…….to protect and serve the patients and caregivers of Montana.

Also – a new chance for me – and my life. My families lives…….I raised my children to be LEADERS – can’t stop now can I?

WHAT would they think if their Momma just up and quit?

I’m not going to find out…….because I ain’t no quitter!

Going to join me? I’m MARCHING forward…….

Let’s Ride! Time to END the War on Cannabis.

This song is for ALL of you – please take the time to watch the video. The videos of activists shown throughout…..well…..we CAN change the world folks.

I intend to……..

As there are subscribers who may not be on other mass mail lists – it is best to get all the news OUT.

PLEASE pass on as you see fit – and share your experiences on blog if you wish…..I have heard some pretty comical call recollections!

Also – when we share what we have said – it may help others to frame what they wish to say…..give them some “ammo” – or expound on something you may have started.

Here’s the news!

latest news


more cut and paste of all the current news. as before, there’s a lot of ground covered here, so read it all or you might miss something good. questions? you can get a hold of me



keep up with the lawsuit and other MMJ happenings and to donate to the cause

MMJ complaint department

Jeff Essman, author of SB 423 (406)534-3345 or email

Perhaps we should publicly suggest that patients wondering what to do now that their Caregivers are going out of business and they cannot grow for themselves, contact Senator Essmann directly at the contact info above to inquire from him in his infinite wisdom what they should do.

US Attorney’s office Victoria “Tori” Francis 406-247-4633

Attorney General of Montana Steve Bullock phone: (406) 444-2026 Fax: (406) 444-3549 Email:

MTCIA fundraisers

Lots of fundraisers coming up. Informative speakers, bands, mingling, and grown up drinks for those who attend. These are a great way to meet other warriors in your area and raise money for the fight. Look to see if one is coming to a town near you. I’ve attached the flyer for the Bozeman mixer. Please feel free to print and distribute.

Booths and banners are available.

For more info on the booths, banners, volunteering to help, whatever, call Ed 261-9535 or email him


When: Friday, June 3rd


Where: Eagles club next to the Nova

316 E. Main St Bozeman


When: Saturday, June 4th


Where: F.O.E.

801 N. Fee St. Helena


When: Saturdy, June 11


Where: F.O.E.

37 1st St. W.

Kalispell 59901


When: Monday, June 13th

Link to agenda:

Billing’s city council is meeting to decide whether to completely ban all storefronts in city limits. Show up and let them know what you think.


Senator Wanzenried is running for Governor he stood up for us and now we need to stand up for him. I have spent many hours talking to Dave on the topic of medical marijuana and I am convinced he is the only gubernatorial candidate that fully supports us. Dave was the first Senator to sponsor the amendments to sb423 and a true friend.  I am asking everyone to forward this email if we can get $10.00 out of a couple thousand supporters we can greatly help his run for office. This man is dedicated to the rights of Montanans, I will donate my $10.00 now here

and go “like” Dave for governor on Facebook!


Essman’s editorial

Kate’s response


New info on the timeline for the lawsuit


link to an update on the referendum petition

We cannot gather signatures yet. It is a legal process, which is
unlikely to be complete before June. Sit tight, the delay is absolutely
unavoidable. However, what we can do now…

Organize Volunteer Signature Gatherers

We need a small army organized in the next 2 weeks and we still need another 500 volunteers. If you think you can gather 20+ signatures, please step up by emailing your name, city/county and phone number to

YOU CAN’T SIGN THE REFERENDUM IF YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE!!!double check that you are registered to vote and that all information is correct. your signature can be disqualified for a wrong address, misspelled name, etc.

Lisa Kimmet, Deputy

Elections and
Government Services

P.O. Box 202801
Helena, MT 59620-2801

(406) 444-4732
(888) 884-8683 (VOTE)

Fax (406) 444-2023



or even better, sign up for ASA’s raid response and/or text alert and give them a call. Also a good idea to call MT NORML, post on facebook, whatever. Just get the word out! We need to be standing together in HUGE numbers that they can’t ignore.



Things seem to be changing daily at DPHHS. Keep checking the site to stay up to date.

Bozeman mixer.pdf Bozeman mixer.pdf
31K   View   Download
 I’ll be blogging soon about my adventures…..been pretty busy!

Well……DPHHS finally released their FAQ re: SB423

PLEASE folks – do NOT attack them! In my opinion – they are victims too……

If you want to take it out on anyone – let your elected officials who voted FOR it HAVE it! Be sure you check to see who voted how on the Legislative website  – search for HB 161 (Milburn’s repeal bill) AND SB 423 (Essman’s lil lovely the Gov let pass -and cause of many puckered butts and bugged eyes across our great state). AND – be sure to look at ALL of their voting history on these bills – not just the final votes……it’s a strategy game – and the rely on folks being lazy and seeking just the final answer. Please SHARE any efforts you have here on blogpost so folks are not doubling efforts.

If in question as to WHO to thank – and who to never elect again – visit and punch in your zip code.

You can also visit Montana Drug Policy’s Site. Spend some time here – and contribute what you can – this will be all inclusive come next elections. Get familiar with it – so you can share with others. Also watch for YouTube videos from my channel to be posted with reps as we all find time (Yeah….RIGHT!) to add more as we go……I hope to add all Marijuana legislation for Montana I can to my YouTube Channel.

PLEASE – also – keep in mind – injunctions are being filed to stop law.

So – let’s take a look at this lil lovely and break down the FAQ…..My comments will be in RED of course – as it makes me RED MAD!

Here we go:

There are important changes to the Montana Medical Marijuana Program that will affect you.
These frequently asked questions (FAQs) will provide answers to questions
about the new law and the transition to the new program.
Marijuana Infused Products Provider (MIP Provider): Means a Montana resident who meets the requirements of the law, and who has applied for and received a registry ID card to manufacture and provide marijuana-infused products for a registered cardholder.
Provider: Means a Montana resident, 18 years or older, who is authorized by the department to assist a registered cardholder (as allowed by law) to obtain medical marijuana.
Registered cardholder: Means a Montana resident with a debilitating medical condition who has received and maintains a valid registry ID card.
Resident: A person who meets the requirements of the law and who does not claim residency in another state or country for any purposes. An absentee property owner who pays property tax in Montana is not resident.
2nd Degree of Kinship (by blood or marriage): Means a mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, spouse, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent-in-law, grandchild-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepsister, stepson, stepdaughter, stepgrandparent or stepgrandchild.
Seedling: A marijuana plant that has no flowers and is less than 12 inches in height and 12 inches in diameter.
Is the medical marijuana program still issuing cards? Yes. The department will continue to accept new and renewal applications on the current forms until June 20, 2011. New forms will be available on the website by June 20, 2011.
When the new laws take effect, is my card still going to be valid? Yes, Current patient cards will remain valid and will expire on the expiration date printed on the card. Under the new law, cardholders must carry their registry card with them at all times, along with a picture ID. All current caregiver cards will become invalid on July 1, 2011.
Can I renew my card early? Patients can renew their card up to 30 days before the expiration date printed on the card. This means patients can renew early if the expiration date is on or before July 20, 2011 and the renewal form is received by the department by June 20.
Instead of waiting for my renewal, can I pay $25 and get a new card? No. If a patient sends a new application packet but has a current, unexpired, enrollment the application materials will be returned to the patient.
I am not a Montana resident; can I still get a card? No. Individuals must be a Montana resident to apply to be a registered patient or a provider. The new application will require a Montana driver’s license or state issued ID card.
When the new law takes effect, can I keep my caregiver? Effective July 1, 2011 patients will no longer be assigned to the caregiver they have now. Patients will have two options to get their medical marijuana:
Patients can begin to grow their own medical marijuana.
Patient’s can find a person willing to serve as a registered provider to grow and provide marijuana to them for free.  GOOD LUCK! How may I ask? Advertising was killed too!
i. If a patient names a provider, the patient can no longer grow their own marijuana. So you better be good at it, have the TIME to grow it (life expectancy or work schedule if so blessed to be able to work), and all the resources and knowledge AT HAND.
Where can I get materials and marijuana seeds or cuttings to get started? The department does not have information about growing marijuana, but recommends using the internet, family and friends as resources to find information. EVEN THOUGH providors are not allowed to advertise – and who could afford to anyway? GREAT WAY to shut up a political or educational voice……So much for Freedom of Speech!
Can I have the same number of plants as I do now? No. Effective July 1, 2011, patients will be limited to 12 seedlings (<12”), 4 mature flowering plants, and 1 ounce of usable marijuana. If patients assign a provider, they cannot grow for themselves.
Can I keep my card if I have a chronic pain diagnosis?
All current patient cards remain in effect until the expiration date printed on the card.
Upon renewal, if a patient has a diagnosis of chronic pain, the patient’s doctor must state that the pain is persistent and severe and can be proven by necessary and relevant x-ray, MRI or other diagnostics; OR.
A second physician may confirm the chronic pain diagnosis, after performing a physical exam if the patient’s first physician did not order diagnostic testing.
If my spouse and I are both patients, can we both grow marijuana in our home? Patients cannot grow marijuana or produce marijuana infused products at a location that is shared with, rented to or leased by another cardholder, unless individuals are related by the second degree of kinship. For example:
A husband and wife, who are both patients, can grow for themselves in a home they share.
Roommates who are both patients, but are not related, cannot grow for themselves in the home they share. SEE THAT ONE? Multiplies grows like RABBITS – IF so lucky to qualify…….
If I grow my own marijuana, do I need to have a background check? Will my name be on a list given to law enforcement? No. If patients are growing medical marijuana for their use only, they do not need to have a background check and their name and address will not be on a list given to law enforcement. BAIT – Better to be a Patient – than a Providor… gosh – that thar providor has just GOT to be a ROTTEN person if they go so far as to pay all the wicked new fees and do it all for FREE!
My minor child is on the registry, will his/her card still be valid under the new law? Yes, the card will be valid until the expiration date. The new requirements for minors take effect on July 1, 2011. If you renew your child’s card after June 20, 2011, it will be under the new program – and good luck with that……it’ll be hard enough to find a Dr for an ADULT nonetheless a child……
Do I need to sign up as a provider in order to be the marijuana infused products (MIP) provider for my child? Yes. You will need to submit a provider application packet and an application fee to the department to become a MIP provider for your minor child. See the provider section for more information. OH – just WAIT….it’s lurking below – waiting to make you vomit…….
Does the new law require two physician recommendations for a minor child? Yes, upon renewal (or for a new application submitted after June 20, 2011) minors must have a recommendation from two physicians in order to be on the registry.
When do the new rules for caregivers take effect? July 1, 2011, caregiver’s cards will no longer be valid so they can no longer sell medical marijuana to patients. Individuals must register with the department as a provider if they wish to provide marijuana to patients. And the hunt for the scourge will ensure – the “cleansing” as it was called……
Do I need to destroy my plants? If caregivers do not register as a provider under the new rules by June 30, 2011, they must take plants and any other medical marijuana products to local law enforcement. If the caregiver is also a registered patient, they may keep 12 seedlings (<12”), 4 mature flowering plants, and 1 ounce of usable marijuana for themselves. Lol…….I don’t think local law enforcement has a CLUE about this. Ol Sheriff Dutton just last Tuesday May 10, 2011 asked me how this lil bill affected him. I didn’t realize they were having local law enforcement receive it all……..Ol Sheriff Dutton is gonna take a week to poke HIS eyeballs back in his noggin!
How many patients can I serve under the new law? Providers are limited to serving no more than two other patients, if the provider is also a registered patient. Providers who are not patients can provide medical marijuana for up to three other people. Ahem…..for….FREE!
Can I be a provider and a marijuana infused products provider? Yes, however registered providers who are also marijuana infused products providers are still limited to serving only three patients, or two if they are also a patient. For FREE with EXTRA rules to kick you in the teeth!
How do I sign up to be a provider? If I am INSANE enough to want to In order to become a provider, individuals must first be named by a patient, as their provider, on the patient’s application. Individuals who are named by a patient must submit an application packet to the department along with a check or money order for the amount of the fee. The provider application now requires a fingerprint background check.
New fee information and a new provider application will be available on the department’s website by June 20, 2011
Until October 1, 2011, individuals can register to be providers without submitting the fingerprint background check.
All registered providers must have submitted their fingerprints to the department by October 1, 2011. WTH does b and c mean? UNTIL Oct 1 you can register without fingerprint background check – but you must have submitted your fingerprints BY October 1, 2011 if you are registered?
The proper forms and the procedures needed to submit fingerprints to the Department will be posted on the website before July 1, 2011.
After October 1, 2011, providers must pass a fingerprint background check before becoming a registered provider.
What are the limitations for being a provider? Approval as a provider will not be granted if there are any drug convictions (felony or misdemeanor) or any other felony conviction in the applicant’s background history. Providers must also attest on the application that they:
Do not owe any back taxes, interest, penalties or judgments to any government agency;
Are not in default on a student loan;
Have not failed to pay child support. YIKES! I bet folks were PAYING these very same debts BEFORE this bill!
What can I charge for serving as a patient’s provider? Providers cannot accept anything of value, including money, from patients for their medical marijuana. There are two exceptions. If the provider is submitting the patient’s application paperwork to the department, they can be reimbursed by the patient for the registration or renewal fee. The provider can also be reimbursed, by the patient, for the provider’s registration fee. AND – I bet you had better document that with a TRIPLICATE form – notarized by the Governors staff……
What about a provider’s initial start up costs for lights and materials; or the cost of production such as potting materials, nutrients, or the electrical costs? Providers cannot accept anything of value, including money, from patients for any costs associated with the production of medical marijuana. – NADA – NOTHING – ZIP – ZERO – ZILCH
Are there special rules or considerations specifically for Marijuana infused product providers? Yes. Marijuana infused products providers must use dedicated cookware used only for producing marijuana infused products. The cookware cannot be used for general household cooking and is subject to local health department food preparation rules. OH – and just WAIT til you get a load of THOSE rules…….for folks SO OPPOSED to smoking – they sure made it IMPOSSIBLE to do anything BUT! IF you can get it that is…..IF you can qualify…….IF it’s even worth some folks time and trouble……
Are there limitations in the law on where a provider may grow marijuana or manufacture infused products? Yes. Providers cannot grow marijuana or produce marijuana infused products at a location that is shared with, rented to, or leased by, another provider or another registered cardholder. This means a provider cannot grow marijuana in a home that is shared by the provider and a patient. However, patients who live together can grow for themselves in a home they share if they are related by the second degree of kinship. For example:
A husband who has been named and approved as a provider cannot grow in a home shared with his wife, if she is also a registered cardholder. – So what? Divorce?
Both husband and wife could grow for themselves in a home they share if neither is a registered provider and are both registered patients. Ah! That’s it……so much for being able to help OTHER family members! For FREE no less!
What are registered providers’s growing limitations? Providers will be limited to 12 seedlings (<12”), 4 mature flowering plants, and 1 ounce of usable marijuana in possession per approved patient.
15. Where can I get materials and marijuana seeds or cuttings to get started? The department does not have information about growing marijuana, but recommends using the internet, family and friends as resources to find information. Yeah….it was all DESTROYED in July – all the science – quality – safety – and high CBD strains. Might as well find yourself some mexican schwag….it’s all that will be available. Hope you live through unknown grow procedures – imported from Mexico!
Will my name or address be on a list given to the police? Local law enforcement will be notified of the names and grow locations of providers. The location will be subject to unannounced inspection during normal business hours. Woo-Hoo! Bet ol Mark Long and Mike Batista had a BIG hand in THAT one! Bring in the FEDS! We need MONEY! Oh – wait – it’ll be free – so – they’ll need weed. Gotta feed the hypocrisy we ALL know exists!
Do I need to keep records even if I am not making any profit? Providers must keep records of all transactions with cardholders. This record is subject to inspection by law enforcement and the Department of Health and Human Services. EVEN IF you are too poor to keep them because you had to use your last scrap of paper to wipe your ass!
Do I have to pay to be a provider? There will be a fee to register with the department as a provider. This fee must cover the cost of handling the application and the fingerprint background check. Information about new fees will be on the medical marijuana website by June 20, 2011. Guesstimated to be approximately $500/year. Don’t quote me on that….it’s a guesstimate……
Can I advertise to let people know I am willing to be a provider? Advertising of any kind (including electronic media) is prohibited, effective on the bill’s passage. HA! So much for that Internet recommendation eh? OH – what about my Freedom of Speech? Isn’t that a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT? What about Education? OH – WAIT – Thaaaaaaat’s RIGHT – we don’t WANT you to be educated in Montana!
When do the new rules for physicians take effect? The new requirements for physician’s statements take effect on July 1, 2011. However, the department will stop taking new applications with old physician’s statements on June 20. If a patient cannot reasonably expect to submit their paperwork to the department by June 20, the patient will need to submit the new doctor’s statement and will be subject to the new requirements. New forms will be available on this website by June 20, 2011.
What about my current patients, who I have written recommendations for? Current patient cards will expire on the date printed on the current registry ID card.
Have the debilitating conditions, for which I can recommend medical marijuana for my patients changed? There are several more debilitating conditions for which you can recommend medical marijuana. The full list is:
Cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immune deficiency syndrome when the condition or disease results in symptoms that seriously and adversely affect the patient’s health status.
Cachexia or wasting syndrome
Severe, chronic pain that is persistent pain of severe intensity that significantly interferes with daily activities as documented by the patient’s treating physician
Intractable nausea or vomiting
Epilepsy or intractable seizure disorder
Multiple sclerosis
Chron’s Disease
Painful peripheral neuropathy
A central nervous system disorder resulting in chronic, painful spasticity or muscle spasms.
Admittance into hospice care
Are there new requirements for the chronic pain diagnosis? Yes. There are two options for
certifying a chronic pain diagnosis:
The physician must attest (on the new doctor’s statement) that the patient’s pain is persistent and severe and can be proven by relevant and necessary diagnostic tests such as X-Ray, CT scan, or MRI. OR;
A second physician, after conducting a physical examination of the patient, is required to confirm the chronic pain diagnosis; if the primary care physician has not completed the relevant and necessary diagnostic testing.
Will there be a cost associated with a physician’s practice for making patient recommendations? There will only be a cost to the physician if the physician is reviewed by the Board of Medical Examiners (BoME). The physician will be reviewed by the BoME if the physician certified twenty-five or more patients to use medical marijuana in a twelve month period. To the tune of $1,000 – is that PER 25 patients – or is the 25 patients a one-time thing?
Who do I contact at the state for information about the review of my practice? Contact Board of Medical Examiners at or 406-8412393. Self Policing???
When will patient forms change? Where will I find the new department physician forms? New forms for physicians, patients and providers will be on the Department website by June 20, 2011.
This document is only a summary and is not a legal opinion. Interested persons are encouraged to read SB423 in its entirety.

Yes – only a summary folks…….but the most pertinent things are exposed.

The tender underbelly of Medical Cannabis patients across Montana – present and future……if there will ever BE any future patients under this law…….

Time to kick ass folks………

Well… you?

So – before the first faction of the steaming turd SB423 could even go into effect – it was stopped by lawsuit.

The lawsuits will be FLYING pending this lil piece of legislation…….steaming turd that it is. Started before it could even pass off the Gov’s desk.

I made calls all day Tuesday to the various officials. Started with the Governors Office – sent to DPHHS – and to Dept of Justice next – then the AG’s office. Not ONE had an answer for my pointed question “What is my punishment for taking away my constitutional right?”

I don’t think they appreciated how I framed it.

Ah…..well….if the truth hurts – they can walk a mile in my shoes these days…….

Truth of MY matter here is – regarding Montana Connect – folks all talk about how wonderful and all it is – yet…..I have advertisers who haven’t paid their invoices – a MAJORITY of them – and folks saying “let’s wait and see what happens with SB423”.

Well folks…..I am at the END of the foodchain here. I am NOT a caregiver – never have been – never aspire to be. I do not posess the skills to be one – nor do I want to be one. Writing and education are my gig.

Support – and “Showcasing” the best of the best. A “moral barometer” for patients to find the best Caregivers possible – as I try to develop relationships with my advertisers. Not just bop in – take their hard earned money – and bop out. It’s a working relationship. It is my job to make caregivers jobs look better – explain them to folks – decrease fear and “black market” accusations. Get them networking, learning from each other, and working in the patients best interest.

I also feel a duty to educate the patient – and help them make the best decisions possible. The Good Medicine section is dedicated specifically to medibles – and I will ALWAYS have the story “How to choose a Caregiver that is Right for you” as so many patients new to Medical Cannabis struggle with this issue regularly.

You know what folks? I can’t keep this magazine going if folks don’t step up to the plate! I need my current advertisers to pay their invoices and quite frankly – I need more advertisers!

I need brave, reliable, strong advertisers who are in support of this cause 100%. The fight for this plant and our medicine has been a LONG and weary one over many years…..the ONLY way we are going to win this fight – it by stepping forward, out of the shadows, and being strong.

So – folks – if you want to keep walking strong – please support your voice! Advertise! Help distribute! Use it as a TOOL! Every little bit helps – and the big strong guys can grab a cover.

I will be putting together some ads that folks can chip in on too – full page ones. If anybody has any ideas or would like to submit an idea – please send them to:

I would ask folks use the g-mail addy as it is so much easier – and folks misspell my name all the time.

Subscriptions are $24.95/yr -mail your check or money order to:

Montana Connect

PO Box 432

Lincoln, MT 59639

For ad rates – you may call me directly at 406-594-7932 or inquire for media kit at the g-mail address.

Always remember folks – I intend that Montana Connect will ALWAYS be able to be read by my 10 year old daughter – so keep it respectful – and responsible.

In re-reading this post before I hit publish – I think “Damn! Never intended for my blog to be used to sell ad space” – but you know what?


Good GOD I bust my ass! I should be able to do this on my own and pay myself…..


Would be nice – and I shouldn’t have to be reduced to this point.

I’m telling you people – I’m ALL IN….my retirement – my person – ME! 500% – ain’t no going back now.

And….I truly do love what I do. How about granting me a little respect for doing it too – and support your LOCAL resource and educational magazine – Montana Connect.

Oh – and how about a “like” on Facebook?

Let’s hope folks can come to Bozeman – for the horse drawn carriages carrying coffins down main street…..

Damned straight I’ll be there! That lil image about sums it up – as that is what will happen to MORE Montanans – they will die. NOT because of Cannabis – but because of pills…..

Bring your flags – your signs – your VOICE and come to Bozeman….there’s even a BBQ!

This event is Friday May 13, 2011 – like TOMORROW! (Or today, if yer a day late).

10am the parade starts at KO’s…’s the address for folks with navigators: 332 E Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715

March to the Courthouse – where there will be speakers – and a BBQ.

ANOTHER opportunity to meet with folks and have our voices HEARD – or hope to anyways!

Hiedi’s riding the VETO PONY til the bitter end……SB423 is so ANTI-MONTANAN……I can’t help but not.

C’mon Posse! Let’s RIDE!!!!!

I’ll be there ALL DAY! Hope to see more folks!

Bring American Flags – Montana Flags – POW Flags – Don’t Tread On Me – BRING EM ALL! It’s a parade! Wave yer flags!

Signs too……

C’mon patients – time to come out of the shadows and fight with me…….it’s all about YOU!


Get up! Stand Up!

See you there……bringin my agent Gracie too. Family is important! Grace will even be there to answer questions and hand out news!

Grace will also have wristbands for the Cash Hyde Foundation…….$5 to support Baby Cash and his family and all other cancer kids.

And you get a REALLY spiffy wristband!

Bring yer kids folks – she’ll need someone to play with!

and I can’t sleep. I forgot to eat Monday – I was so busy….and could barely eat Tuesday.

Stress….stress and worry.

I worry for the patients – and truly hope folks will turn out in droves. We were given such a ROTTEN shake this session. I am SO disappointed…..

I look forward to the Rally today – and hope against all hope we can make an impression. Hope that the state employees will show up – many are patients.

I hope if folks are fearful – they will bring a BIG SIGN – and when the press is close – hold it high in front of them.

I would hope folks would NOT be fearful…….for that is what they want.

It is very hard for me to find fear in my repertoire right now……as I am so OUTRAGED!

OUTRAGED by our politicians. OUTRAGED by our Federal government. OUTRAGED by apathy. OUTRAGED by stupidity.


I am so sick of the lies about this plant, this medicine. MY medicine… CHOICE of how to care for myself.

I guess I do have fear when I think about it. I fear going back to the pills. I fear the incessant gut ache from the pills. I fear the effect of the pills – and their trap. I fear addiction to the pills – as my condition is NOT going away. I am 44 years old – and have to live with a work injury for the rest of my life……I fear dying before I should HAVE to because chemicals have destroyed my internal organs.

I fear for the patients too…….

I get calls every day from patients. Patients in fear of losing the freedom of choice in how to care for themselves……”What do I do now?” is a common question….amongst tears – and no sleep.

They are as frustrated as I am about not being heard. Frustrated that the legislative body could not take more than 17 days to work on something so very important to so many people. HB 68 – of which we spent WEEKS developing last summer (and I still opposed by the way – pain, sickness, and disease are not selective re: probationers and parolees – MT is a state that re-instates rights upon release from an institution) was tabled directly after being heard. ROUND FILED is a better word – and all other regulation legislation followed it in there. They wanted it GONE – repeal it.

So – we HAVE to stand and fight folks…this is our last chance to change his mind – en masse!

I think we stand a chance folks……lets take a run at it eh?

Please – be respectful – and leave the culture at home. This is serious folks – people can die over this.

I hope the Veterans will make a strong showing to protect our innocent. I will dream tonight of military personnel and Vets holding “Listen to the People”and “Liberty” signs…..

Hope my dreams come true…..see you tomorrow folks.

Yup folks – it’s time for our voices to be heard! Ol Schweitzer wants to “hold his nose” and let this steaming turd SB 423 pass into law without his signature.

I was in Whitefish on May 5, 2011 for the SB 423 rally. There were over 300 people there!

THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE fighting to have their voices heard. Their VOTES heard!

I personally sat in the front row in the auditorium and listened to Gov Schweitzers speech. I was one of the folks passionately yelling “PLEASE VETO THIS!” as I wore my VETO SB-423 t-shirt so proudly.

Well folks – as I watched our good Governor react to his unexpected passionate crowd…..I think I saw a light bulb moment. I think I saw something go on in his head – and he may just be listening…..

That was only 300 people folks……we are 30,000 as far as patient counts go. 1% of our population base showed up to have their opposition be witnessed.

Well…..If we can get 1% in Whitefish – we should DAMNED well be able to get 10% in Helena!!!

Montana Connect has teamed with the Cash Hyde Foundation to Coordinate a Rally at our Capitol!

What: Rally!!! Have the Voice of the Patient be HEARD

When: Wednesday May 11, 2011 – 4-7pm

Where: State Capitol Front Lawn – Helena MT

Why? SB 423 is COMPLETELY unconstitutional and creates such hardship on the legitimate patients of Montana that they will be forced to criminal methods and treated as second class citizens. Not only THAT – but legitimate patients just like Baby Cash might DIE due to the constrictive nature and complete inaccessibility incorporated into the core base of this law!

Compassion has been thrown out the window – and the “Black Market Bill” is the ONLY choice?

I THINK NOT! Many of my fellow Montanans I speak to DAILY do not either. I make it a point to cruise by ol Gov Schweitzers Facebook page at least a couple times a day – and folks there are NOT happy! When I call the Governors Office – the phones have been ringing DAILY with unhappy Montanans.

And Brian is going to HOLD HIS NOSE?

Hold his nose – or turn it up and look the other way……?

Let’s take a LOOK at what exactly he is turning his nose up at…….

On the Patient side – if SB 423 goes into effect – this is what will happen – my comments are in red:

  • Your existing card is still valid until it expires; you’ll renew under the new rules.
  • IF you are LUCKY – wait til you see what happens with Doctors! Good luck finding one!
  • The same medical conditions will continue to qualify you, but if your diagnosis is “severe chronic pain”, the new law is much more strict. The pain must be persistent and of severe intensity, and objectively proven by an X-ray or MRI, or a second physician must confirm the diagnosis after a physical exam.
  • FIRST – how many Montanans can even AFFORD this? Many will be forced back on to pharmaceutical drugs and the path to addiction. Also – do they require this for ANY other pain management practices?
  • You must be a Montana resident.
  • In other words – if you are sick and dying of Cancer and come to Montana – piss off – we don’t care. Go die. You may get certified in another state and use that certification as a MONTANA resident to get a Montana card – but you had darn tootin better be a Montana resident to save your life!
  • Once you have your card, if you do not choose a provider, you’ll be able to possess 12 seedlings, 4 mature flowering plants, and 1 ounce of usable marijuana. By choosing a provider, you give up your right to grow for yourself.
  • Now – where on earth you are supposed to GET these seedlings, flowering plants, and usable marijuana is a completely different issue. AFTER the “Cleanse the state of the scourge (that’s us, by the way – sick and hurt people)” period from July 1- September 30 – apparently  seeds and clones are going to fall from the sky! During the 3 month “cleansing” all product and materials that have not been surrendered as of July 1 for destruction (to whom? no direction) will apparently be “rounded up”?  It will most certainly be interesting to watch this lil shindig play out if this happens. ALSO – growing is not so easy. I am a bona-fide plant murderer and only got lucky in my garden last year – and that wasn’t even so hot as I had a VERY low yield. You’re telling me a sick person will be able to tend a garden too? If they cannot find someone to GIVE them medical cannabis for FREE their only other option is to grow it themselves – or turn to black market. I am SURE the blackmarket folks are just DYING for this bill to pass! Thanks for saving us from them!
  • Failure to notify the state of a change of address within 10 days voids your card.
  • Ha! WHO is going to track that? OH – wait – there will only be about 20 folks left registered in the program. The one half time FTE should be able to handle that…..
  • You must carry your medical marijuana card with you at all times.
  • This – I happen to agree with wholeheartedly and practice religiously.
  • Parents wishing to register their minor children need a second doctor’s recommendation, must submit fingerprints for an FBI background check, and agree that the minor will never smoke marijuana, only use infused products.
  • Ok…….this is just plain STUPID. First – ANY parent looking to Medical Cannabis for a child must have a VERY sick child! Do they have to submit fingerprints for CHEMO? For opioids? COME ON! That is just nuts. And as far as smoking – If a kid is so sick they cannot eat a thing – you gotta get it into them somehow. Let’s be rational here and remember Dr. Tashkins study. Last registry count of children under 18 was 51. Bless their hearts and I hope they are doing well.
  • People under department of corrections supervision are not eligible.
  • Since when did cancer, seizures, or pain determine that folks under supervision were not on THEIR list? Corrections has a plan and guidelines in place now that they have recently implemented with internal guidelines. Shame on them for not roping things in sooner when they COULD have. Many legitimate patients will suffer for that. Fact is – I have spoken with many corrections folks who have been placed under gag order on this issue for public record. Most all have responded that yes – there have been abuses – but overall – many folks have done much better in their lives – and are doing better. If cannabis is completely removed from this demographic – it will only create more problems and expenses. Just leave well enough alone – and let folks have a life. The Judge and a Dr can work together in the best interest. Crime rates have went DOWN re: cannabis since 2004.
  • Gardens may not be combined and shared, unless you are relatives by blood or marriage.
  • I bet the power companies just LOVE this one! This means MORE GARDENS! MORE POWER! I bet law enforcement loves it too! This ought to keep the new Hotline that comes with SB423 just LIT UP! If their goal is to REDUCE grows – SB423 does nothing but MULTIPLY them… rabbits. SO much easier for the black market to hide! THEY have been hiding for YEARS….they’re GOOD at it!
  • Drivers may be compelled via search warrant to provide a blood sample.  5ng/ml is cause for a DUI charge.
  • BLATANT misunderstanding of how cannabis works in the human body. ANY person who uses cannabis daily would not be allowed to drive under this law.
  • If your drivers license is revoked for DUI, your medical marijuana card must be surrendered.
  • So…..alcohol and medical marijuana are paired again…..recreational style. Do they make opioid folks give up their pills?

I don’t know about you – but that kinda sets me ON FIRE MAD!

So – if it fires you up a little bit too – here’s what we HAVE to do.


And don’t let anybody give you any crap the legislature will override it…..we HAVE to TRY! They are out of the pressure cooker of the Capitol and you can approach your folks in your districts… on one folks. AWAY from the direct hot influence of the fools they had looming over them in Helena.


406-444-3111 – tell him how this bill will affect you. Can you grow? Do you live in public housing? Will your landlord let you grow? How does cannabis help you? How will it affect you to lose your right to use medical cannabis?

E-MAIL HIM!!!!    

Visit his Facebook page

Fax and mail him at:

Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529


Show up at this rally folks!!!!!

If you are SERIOUS about your medical cannabis – this is our LAST CHANCE to get him to VETO. This Rally is 2 days before his deadline……

So…..even if you are NOT a medical cannabis patient or caregiver – I encourage you – PLEASE – stand up for what is right! We were NOT given a fair shake from day ONE on the hill this legislative session. We were treated like second class citizens! We were BETRAYED by our own!




Show up folks – and if you wish to help – rent a bus and bring friends.

It’s NOW or NEVER!

Spread the word. Share the link to this blog on Facebook – MySpace – StumbleUpon. TWITTER it every chance you get. E-mail to all your friends. Be sure to Subscribe – and PLEASE feel free to post your comments below.

It’s time to come out of the shadows and fight folks……fight for the truth – and the innocent.

Fight for this sweet baby boy and all others just like him.

Cancer survivor thanks to Cannabis

I’ll be there to fight for him…….will you?

Please be sure to visit the Cancer Fears Me Cash Hyde Foundation Website

See KXLY News from Spokane story about Cash and his AWESOME Father – Mike Hyde.

See their ZOO FM story!

Thank you Beartooth NBC…..I got to vent.

Election districts across Montana

OK folks – we have 100 districts – and need 100 Captains!

Jobs for these Captains will be:

  1. Primary contact for District – must stay in touch with leaders!
  2. Receive – assign – and track all petitions being handled within your district.
  3. Make calls and motivate signature collectors. Oh! Collect signatures yourself too!
  4. Responsible for collecting all petitions and returning ON TIME.
  5. Voter registration promotion.

These are just basic duties – but important ones. It is going to be VERY important that the people who step up for these positions can be committed throughout the entire 6-8 weeks for just this portion of the mission. You folks who step up for this will also have to be PUBLIC – and not afraid to be out in the public.

This is a great motivator….I love TED talks!

We can DO THIS!!

Please folks – SHARE this blog – subscribe to it – and GET INVOLVED!

If you wish to be a leader – please comment below – and state what district you can work – and if you have any qualifications doing this type of thing before. It is NOT a requirement – we just need to know how much assistance is needed where…..

Hands UP folks! WE NEED CAPTAINS!!!!