Election districts across Montana

OK folks – we have 100 districts – and need 100 Captains!

Jobs for these Captains will be:

  1. Primary contact for District – must stay in touch with leaders!
  2. Receive – assign – and track all petitions being handled within your district.
  3. Make calls and motivate signature collectors. Oh! Collect signatures yourself too!
  4. Responsible for collecting all petitions and returning ON TIME.
  5. Voter registration promotion.

These are just basic duties – but important ones. It is going to be VERY important that the people who step up for these positions can be committed throughout the entire 6-8 weeks for just this portion of the mission. You folks who step up for this will also have to be PUBLIC – and not afraid to be out in the public.

This is a great motivator….I love TED talks!


We can DO THIS!!

Please folks – SHARE this blog – subscribe to it – and GET INVOLVED!

If you wish to be a leader – please comment below – and state what district you can work – and if you have any qualifications doing this type of thing before. It is NOT a requirement – we just need to know how much assistance is needed where…..

Hands UP folks! WE NEED CAPTAINS!!!!

  1. OK folks – tell us what District you are interested in here!

    Hiedi Handford – District 82.

    I live in Lincoln and have TONS of time to spend on this. Willing to take on additional districts if necessary…..

    You may contact me at hiedi@mtconnectmagazine.com or call my cell phone. 406-594-7932.

    Thanks! Let’s ROCK THIS!!!!!

  2. jolie503 says:

    Jolie Riojas – Billings, District 51

  3. Hey there this is Grant Grenfell and Jessi Johnson with the MMGA Great Falls Chapter, and we would be willing to cover District 24 and possibly others if needed. Contact Grant at (406) 231-0109 or Jessi at (406) 564-2667.

    email us at here2headbang69@hotmail.com

    Thanks for everything everyone, let’s continue to fight this fight until they realize that we “lazy, stoners” aren’t as lazy as they think we are.

  4. eebees says:

    Let me knkow what you need. HD48 Elizabeth Pincolini

  5. amazza81 says:

    Adam Mazza District 88 – I can volunteer time as needed within my district just lemme know when and where you need me.

  6. Hey there fellow Activists!

    My name is Brandon Conroy I’m the manager of the Area 420 in Dillon, mt. disrict 72

    My contact number is 4064653306 you can email me @ area420dillon@gmail.com

  7. cdbourgeau says:

    Cinda & David Bourgeau
    We could do any between 78-82 or 84.

  8. ceranicoblue says:

    Sarah Ingram
    Hamilton (possibly others…)
    District 88
    There are several dispensaries and grow stores here in town, I think we could ban together and get lots of signatures…

  9. montanamisty says:

    Monica & Misty
    committed to coordinating Gallatin & Park Counties
    Monica 333-2622
    Misty 581-4915

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