It’s time to STORM the Capitol! VETO SB 423!!!!!

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Medical Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Montana Politics

Yup folks – it’s time for our voices to be heard! Ol Schweitzer wants to “hold his nose” and let this steaming turd SB 423 pass into law without his signature.

I was in Whitefish on May 5, 2011 for the SB 423 rally. There were over 300 people there!

THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE fighting to have their voices heard. Their VOTES heard!

I personally sat in the front row in the auditorium and listened to Gov Schweitzers speech. I was one of the folks passionately yelling “PLEASE VETO THIS!” as I wore my VETO SB-423 t-shirt so proudly.

Well folks – as I watched our good Governor react to his unexpected passionate crowd…..I think I saw a light bulb moment. I think I saw something go on in his head – and he may just be listening…..

That was only 300 people folks……we are 30,000 as far as patient counts go. 1% of our population base showed up to have their opposition be witnessed.

Well…..If we can get 1% in Whitefish – we should DAMNED well be able to get 10% in Helena!!!

Montana Connect has teamed with the Cash Hyde Foundation to Coordinate a Rally at our Capitol!

What: Rally!!! Have the Voice of the Patient be HEARD

When: Wednesday May 11, 2011 – 4-7pm

Where: State Capitol Front Lawn – Helena MT

Why? SB 423 is COMPLETELY unconstitutional and creates such hardship on the legitimate patients of Montana that they will be forced to criminal methods and treated as second class citizens. Not only THAT – but legitimate patients just like Baby Cash might DIE due to the constrictive nature and complete inaccessibility incorporated into the core base of this law!

Compassion has been thrown out the window – and the “Black Market Bill” is the ONLY choice?

I THINK NOT! Many of my fellow Montanans I speak to DAILY do not either. I make it a point to cruise by ol Gov Schweitzers Facebook page at least a couple times a day – and folks there are NOT happy! When I call the Governors Office – the phones have been ringing DAILY with unhappy Montanans.

And Brian is going to HOLD HIS NOSE?

Hold his nose – or turn it up and look the other way……?

Let’s take a LOOK at what exactly he is turning his nose up at…….

On the Patient side – if SB 423 goes into effect – this is what will happen – my comments are in red:

  • Your existing card is still valid until it expires; you’ll renew under the new rules.
  • IF you are LUCKY – wait til you see what happens with Doctors! Good luck finding one!
  • The same medical conditions will continue to qualify you, but if your diagnosis is “severe chronic pain”, the new law is much more strict. The pain must be persistent and of severe intensity, and objectively proven by an X-ray or MRI, or a second physician must confirm the diagnosis after a physical exam.
  • FIRST – how many Montanans can even AFFORD this? Many will be forced back on to pharmaceutical drugs and the path to addiction. Also – do they require this for ANY other pain management practices?
  • You must be a Montana resident.
  • In other words – if you are sick and dying of Cancer and come to Montana – piss off – we don’t care. Go die. You may get certified in another state and use that certification as a MONTANA resident to get a Montana card – but you had darn tootin better be a Montana resident to save your life!
  • Once you have your card, if you do not choose a provider, you’ll be able to possess 12 seedlings, 4 mature flowering plants, and 1 ounce of usable marijuana. By choosing a provider, you give up your right to grow for yourself.
  • Now – where on earth you are supposed to GET these seedlings, flowering plants, and usable marijuana is a completely different issue. AFTER the “Cleanse the state of the scourge (that’s us, by the way – sick and hurt people)” period from July 1- September 30 – apparently  seeds and clones are going to fall from the sky! During the 3 month “cleansing” all product and materials that have not been surrendered as of July 1 for destruction (to whom? no direction) will apparently be “rounded up”?  It will most certainly be interesting to watch this lil shindig play out if this happens. ALSO – growing is not so easy. I am a bona-fide plant murderer and only got lucky in my garden last year – and that wasn’t even so hot as I had a VERY low yield. You’re telling me a sick person will be able to tend a garden too? If they cannot find someone to GIVE them medical cannabis for FREE their only other option is to grow it themselves – or turn to black market. I am SURE the blackmarket folks are just DYING for this bill to pass! Thanks for saving us from them!
  • Failure to notify the state of a change of address within 10 days voids your card.
  • Ha! WHO is going to track that? OH – wait – there will only be about 20 folks left registered in the program. The one half time FTE should be able to handle that…..
  • You must carry your medical marijuana card with you at all times.
  • This – I happen to agree with wholeheartedly and practice religiously.
  • Parents wishing to register their minor children need a second doctor’s recommendation, must submit fingerprints for an FBI background check, and agree that the minor will never smoke marijuana, only use infused products.
  • Ok…….this is just plain STUPID. First – ANY parent looking to Medical Cannabis for a child must have a VERY sick child! Do they have to submit fingerprints for CHEMO? For opioids? COME ON! That is just nuts. And as far as smoking – If a kid is so sick they cannot eat a thing – you gotta get it into them somehow. Let’s be rational here and remember Dr. Tashkins study. Last registry count of children under 18 was 51. Bless their hearts and I hope they are doing well.
  • People under department of corrections supervision are not eligible.
  • Since when did cancer, seizures, or pain determine that folks under supervision were not on THEIR list? Corrections has a plan and guidelines in place now that they have recently implemented with internal guidelines. Shame on them for not roping things in sooner when they COULD have. Many legitimate patients will suffer for that. Fact is – I have spoken with many corrections folks who have been placed under gag order on this issue for public record. Most all have responded that yes – there have been abuses – but overall – many folks have done much better in their lives – and are doing better. If cannabis is completely removed from this demographic – it will only create more problems and expenses. Just leave well enough alone – and let folks have a life. The Judge and a Dr can work together in the best interest. Crime rates have went DOWN re: cannabis since 2004.
  • Gardens may not be combined and shared, unless you are relatives by blood or marriage.
  • I bet the power companies just LOVE this one! This means MORE GARDENS! MORE POWER! I bet law enforcement loves it too! This ought to keep the new Hotline that comes with SB423 just LIT UP! If their goal is to REDUCE grows – SB423 does nothing but MULTIPLY them… rabbits. SO much easier for the black market to hide! THEY have been hiding for YEARS….they’re GOOD at it!
  • Drivers may be compelled via search warrant to provide a blood sample.  5ng/ml is cause for a DUI charge.
  • BLATANT misunderstanding of how cannabis works in the human body. ANY person who uses cannabis daily would not be allowed to drive under this law.
  • If your drivers license is revoked for DUI, your medical marijuana card must be surrendered.
  • So…..alcohol and medical marijuana are paired again…..recreational style. Do they make opioid folks give up their pills?

I don’t know about you – but that kinda sets me ON FIRE MAD!

So – if it fires you up a little bit too – here’s what we HAVE to do.


And don’t let anybody give you any crap the legislature will override it…..we HAVE to TRY! They are out of the pressure cooker of the Capitol and you can approach your folks in your districts… on one folks. AWAY from the direct hot influence of the fools they had looming over them in Helena.


406-444-3111 – tell him how this bill will affect you. Can you grow? Do you live in public housing? Will your landlord let you grow? How does cannabis help you? How will it affect you to lose your right to use medical cannabis?

E-MAIL HIM!!!!    

Visit his Facebook page

Fax and mail him at:

Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529


Show up at this rally folks!!!!!

If you are SERIOUS about your medical cannabis – this is our LAST CHANCE to get him to VETO. This Rally is 2 days before his deadline……

So…..even if you are NOT a medical cannabis patient or caregiver – I encourage you – PLEASE – stand up for what is right! We were NOT given a fair shake from day ONE on the hill this legislative session. We were treated like second class citizens! We were BETRAYED by our own!




Show up folks – and if you wish to help – rent a bus and bring friends.

It’s NOW or NEVER!

Spread the word. Share the link to this blog on Facebook – MySpace – StumbleUpon. TWITTER it every chance you get. E-mail to all your friends. Be sure to Subscribe – and PLEASE feel free to post your comments below.

It’s time to come out of the shadows and fight folks……fight for the truth – and the innocent.

Fight for this sweet baby boy and all others just like him.

Cancer survivor thanks to Cannabis

I’ll be there to fight for him…….will you?

Please be sure to visit the Cancer Fears Me Cash Hyde Foundation Website

See KXLY News from Spokane story about Cash and his AWESOME Father – Mike Hyde.

See their ZOO FM story!

Thank you Beartooth NBC…..I got to vent.

  1. HEY! If any of you folks have extra seats in your cars and can provide rides – PLEASE comment below for ride exchanges – NOT on Facebook. Folks can’t see it there…..

    Please post for rides below.

    I have a 7 passenger van and can bring 6 folks from Lincoln Montana.

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