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and I can’t sleep. I forgot to eat Monday – I was so busy….and could barely eat Tuesday.

Stress….stress and worry.

I worry for the patients – and truly hope folks will turn out in droves. We were given such a ROTTEN shake this session. I am SO disappointed…..

I look forward to the Rally today – and hope against all hope we can make an impression. Hope that the state employees will show up – many are patients.

I hope if folks are fearful – they will bring a BIG SIGN – and when the press is close – hold it high in front of them.

I would hope folks would NOT be fearful…….for that is what they want.

It is very hard for me to find fear in my repertoire right now……as I am so OUTRAGED!

OUTRAGED by our politicians. OUTRAGED by our Federal government. OUTRAGED by apathy. OUTRAGED by stupidity.


I am so sick of the lies about this plant, this medicine. MY medicine… CHOICE of how to care for myself.

I guess I do have fear when I think about it. I fear going back to the pills. I fear the incessant gut ache from the pills. I fear the effect of the pills – and their trap. I fear addiction to the pills – as my condition is NOT going away. I am 44 years old – and have to live with a work injury for the rest of my life……I fear dying before I should HAVE to because chemicals have destroyed my internal organs.

I fear for the patients too…….

I get calls every day from patients. Patients in fear of losing the freedom of choice in how to care for themselves……”What do I do now?” is a common question….amongst tears – and no sleep.

They are as frustrated as I am about not being heard. Frustrated that the legislative body could not take more than 17 days to work on something so very important to so many people. HB 68 – of which we spent WEEKS developing last summer (and I still opposed by the way – pain, sickness, and disease are not selective re: probationers and parolees – MT is a state that re-instates rights upon release from an institution) was tabled directly after being heard. ROUND FILED is a better word – and all other regulation legislation followed it in there. They wanted it GONE – repeal it.

So – we HAVE to stand and fight folks…this is our last chance to change his mind – en masse!

I think we stand a chance folks……lets take a run at it eh?

Please – be respectful – and leave the culture at home. This is serious folks – people can die over this.

I hope the Veterans will make a strong showing to protect our innocent. I will dream tonight of military personnel and Vets holding “Listen to the People”and “Liberty” signs…..

Hope my dreams come true…..see you tomorrow folks.