Eve of a Rally

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Medical Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Montana Politics

and I can’t sleep. I forgot to eat Monday – I was so busy….and could barely eat Tuesday.

Stress….stress and worry.

I worry for the patients – and truly hope folks will turn out in droves. We were given such a ROTTEN shake this session. I am SO disappointed…..

I look forward to the Rally today – and hope against all hope we can make an impression. Hope that the state employees will show up – many are patients.

I hope if folks are fearful – they will bring a BIG SIGN – and when the press is close – hold it high in front of them.

I would hope folks would NOT be fearful…….for that is what they want.

It is very hard for me to find fear in my repertoire right now……as I am so OUTRAGED!

OUTRAGED by our politicians. OUTRAGED by our Federal government. OUTRAGED by apathy. OUTRAGED by stupidity.


I am so sick of the lies about this plant, this medicine. MY medicine…..my CHOICE of how to care for myself.

I guess I do have fear when I think about it. I fear going back to the pills. I fear the incessant gut ache from the pills. I fear the effect of the pills – and their trap. I fear addiction to the pills – as my condition is NOT going away. I am 44 years old – and have to live with a work injury for the rest of my life……I fear dying before I should HAVE to because chemicals have destroyed my internal organs.

I fear for the patients too…….

I get calls every day from patients. Patients in fear of losing the freedom of choice in how to care for themselves……”What do I do now?” is a common question….amongst tears – and no sleep.

They are as frustrated as I am about not being heard. Frustrated that the legislative body could not take more than 17 days to work on something so very important to so many people. HB 68 – of which we spent WEEKS developing last summer (and I still opposed by the way – pain, sickness, and disease are not selective re: probationers and parolees – MT is a state that re-instates rights upon release from an institution) was tabled directly after being heard. ROUND FILED is a better word – and all other regulation legislation followed it in there. They wanted it GONE – repeal it.

So – we HAVE to stand and fight folks…this is our last chance to change his mind – en masse!

I think we stand a chance folks……lets take a run at it eh?

Please – be respectful – and leave the culture at home. This is serious folks – people can die over this.

I hope the Veterans will make a strong showing to protect our innocent. I will dream tonight of military personnel and Vets holding “Listen to the People”and “Liberty” signs…..

Hope my dreams come true…..see you tomorrow folks.

  1. mtmtns says:

    Just a thought, but I see an angle to this we may be missing.
    Governor Schweitzer may be letting this bill run its course for a good reason. He doesn’t want his hand on it. He knows it’s unconstitutional and will not stand up in court. He knew we wouldn’t go away. He knew we would fight this. But he may not be the enemy here. Again, just thinking….
    We have been fighting these unjust laws for 70 years. We are making history here with this opportunity to get it into court and settle it once and for all.
    We will get more signatures than needed. It will show the strenght of this movement, no doubt. It will show where the people stand and we are taking a stand! We are the reasonable parties here, and reason will prevail. This will take us towards full legalization.
    The message we are sending is we are done taking the scraps these legislators throw to us. Not listening. Not making themselves available for accountability to the PEOPLE.
    Mr. Schweitzer, or any legislator in Helena does not have the right to deny an answer to a question. That was showing direct insubordination to the ones who put them in office. We are done tolerating this. “Any elected official shall make themselves available for meeting if the people so desire an appointment.” How’s that? Then there is no ducking out.
    Taking this to court, gathering signatures is going to be a lot of work and money. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. Of course the other side will push back. that’s why we’re here.
    The numbers don’t lie. We’ve had to become domestic soldiers fighting local injustices to the people, who are you and I. It takes a special person to take an office of power and not use it to rule. Some are called leaders, others call their fellow Montanans names like “SCOURGE”. These individuals will eventualy be voted out (or thrown out) of office. The voters of this state have had a wake-up call. We will be watching future elections like a rancher watching for predators. For this legislature to compel its citizens to seek a court injunction to block decisions they made in defiance of us is a grave mistakeon their part. We won’t be fooled again. I’d be worried if not for the fact we have callouses on our hands. We don’t back down. This is akin to giving them a good asswhipping. They’ve had it coming for a while now.

    • J Michels says:

      Schweitzer might be trying to sit on the sidelines and keep his own hands clean of this bill, but the result could literally end up killing people simply because our Governor didn’t stand up and demand safe access to medicine for his constituents. He needs to join Gov. Gregoire in demanding the feds reschedule cannabis, but there is much more power in his hands here than even he may realize.

      Watching Charlie Rose interview Mexican President Calderon last night provided interesting insight into our drug wars — namely, that Mexico has already decriminalized small amounts of all drugs and would end prohibition altogether if their neighbors to the north were to do the same. At the very least, Calderon wants a serious debate about the subject — which is exactly what Obama said our failed prohibition now warrants earlier this year online. Yet, his administration has seemingly declared war on those who use cannabis as medicine… Schweitzer ought to at least be screaming for a national debate, if he’s not willing to end this horribly destructive prohibition outright in his own state. After all, the very idea of prohibition is childish,totally irresponsible and absolutely unconstitutional to its core..

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