It’s Saturday May 14, 2011 – Have YOUR ad space yet?

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Well… you?

So – before the first faction of the steaming turd SB423 could even go into effect – it was stopped by lawsuit.

The lawsuits will be FLYING pending this lil piece of legislation…….steaming turd that it is. Started before it could even pass off the Gov’s desk.

I made calls all day Tuesday to the various officials. Started with the Governors Office – sent to DPHHS – and to Dept of Justice next – then the AG’s office. Not ONE had an answer for my pointed question “What is my punishment for taking away my constitutional right?”

I don’t think they appreciated how I framed it.

Ah…..well….if the truth hurts – they can walk a mile in my shoes these days…….

Truth of MY matter here is – regarding Montana Connect – folks all talk about how wonderful and all it is – yet…..I have advertisers who haven’t paid their invoices – a MAJORITY of them – and folks saying “let’s wait and see what happens with SB423”.

Well folks…..I am at the END of the foodchain here. I am NOT a caregiver – never have been – never aspire to be. I do not posess the skills to be one – nor do I want to be one. Writing and education are my gig.

Support – and “Showcasing” the best of the best. A “moral barometer” for patients to find the best Caregivers possible – as I try to develop relationships with my advertisers. Not just bop in – take their hard earned money – and bop out. It’s a working relationship. It is my job to make caregivers jobs look better – explain them to folks – decrease fear and “black market” accusations. Get them networking, learning from each other, and working in the patients best interest.

I also feel a duty to educate the patient – and help them make the best decisions possible. The Good Medicine section is dedicated specifically to medibles – and I will ALWAYS have the story “How to choose a Caregiver that is Right for you” as so many patients new to Medical Cannabis struggle with this issue regularly.

You know what folks? I can’t keep this magazine going if folks don’t step up to the plate! I need my current advertisers to pay their invoices and quite frankly – I need more advertisers!

I need brave, reliable, strong advertisers who are in support of this cause 100%. The fight for this plant and our medicine has been a LONG and weary one over many years…..the ONLY way we are going to win this fight – it by stepping forward, out of the shadows, and being strong.

So – folks – if you want to keep walking strong – please support your voice! Advertise! Help distribute! Use it as a TOOL! Every little bit helps – and the big strong guys can grab a cover.

I will be putting together some ads that folks can chip in on too – full page ones. If anybody has any ideas or would like to submit an idea – please send them to:

I would ask folks use the g-mail addy as it is so much easier – and folks misspell my name all the time.

Subscriptions are $24.95/yr -mail your check or money order to:

Montana Connect

PO Box 432

Lincoln, MT 59639

For ad rates – you may call me directly at 406-594-7932 or inquire for media kit at the g-mail address.

Always remember folks – I intend that Montana Connect will ALWAYS be able to be read by my 10 year old daughter – so keep it respectful – and responsible.

In re-reading this post before I hit publish – I think “Damn! Never intended for my blog to be used to sell ad space” – but you know what?


Good GOD I bust my ass! I should be able to do this on my own and pay myself…..


Would be nice – and I shouldn’t have to be reduced to this point.

I’m telling you people – I’m ALL IN….my retirement – my person – ME! 500% – ain’t no going back now.

And….I truly do love what I do. How about granting me a little respect for doing it too – and support your LOCAL resource and educational magazine – Montana Connect.

Oh – and how about a “like” on Facebook?

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