Marijuana dispensary owners admit to drug charges | | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Medical Cannabis

Marijuana dispensary owners admit to drug charges | | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana.

Happy Anniversary……….NOT

It was one year ago today……when the DEA raids happened in Montana. 24 in one day, commencing at 10am, same time HB 161 (Mike Milburn’s repeal bill) was being presented to the Senate.


I think not……as the first one they started with that day was the biggest one in Helena.

Montana Cannabis

And systematically worked their way around the state.

In the meantime….not ONE GOP politician who voted to shoot wolves, or promoted the “Code of the West” even bothered to open their mouth.

Nope….those guys met Cash Hyde at the capitol within 2 days, Cancer free from his stage IV PNET brain tumor, and then pushed green to repeal medical cannabis in Montana – that very week.

It was St. Patrick’s Day that week…….guess the party at Jorgenson’s was more important.

PROFOUND video here. Like going from Colorado to Montana. Pay particular attention to the Nuke drop. To me – that = July 1, 2011……..

The Flower

  1. kleethe1andonly says:

    What are/were the highlights of the medical marijuana laws in MO?

    • MamaConnect says:

      I’m not sure what your asking, as it’s vague – and MO (Missouri) doesn’t have a medical marijuana law.

      In MT these folks were operating under I-148, licensed in their communities, and operating in compliance under the law.

      Where the problem comes in is with local law enforcement, and MT politicians. They are not doing their job by enforcing state law, and they simply let the FEDS come in and raid to their hearts delight, rather than supporting and protecting Montanans rights. Voters rights.

      We the People of Montana voted for this law, and law enforcement in Montana has no respect for the Will of the People.

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