Posted: March 30, 2012 in Medical Cannabis

Cashy has been busy advocating in Texas!

Texas Connect

Prayer and Love: The Cash Hyde Miracle

Today we are taking a moment to recognize the great work being done by The Cash Hyde Foundation. Everyone knows what cancer is and what it can do to a person, but what if that person was your beautiful and helpless baby. You would do what any parent would do, EVERYTHING YOU COULD! Well, The Cash Hyde Foundation is a result of just such an ongoing fight between a child with a huge will to live and that disease we call cancer.

Let me introduce you to this little miracle.

“Cash Michael Hyde” AKA “Cashy”

Cash Michael Hyde was born to Kalli & Mike Hyde on June-21-2008. Cash has an older brother, Colten Hyde and all of them currently live in Missoula, MT. When Cashy was 20 months old Radiologist’s at Community Medical Center in Missoula, MT. Discovered a 4.5 cm. Stage 4…

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