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and I can’t sleep. I forgot to eat Monday – I was so busy….and could barely eat Tuesday.

Stress….stress and worry.

I worry for the patients – and truly hope folks will turn out in droves. We were given such a ROTTEN shake this session. I am SO disappointed…..

I look forward to the Rally today – and hope against all hope we can make an impression. Hope that the state employees will show up – many are patients.

I hope if folks are fearful – they will bring a BIG SIGN – and when the press is close – hold it high in front of them.

I would hope folks would NOT be fearful…….for that is what they want.

It is very hard for me to find fear in my repertoire right now……as I am so OUTRAGED!

OUTRAGED by our politicians. OUTRAGED by our Federal government. OUTRAGED by apathy. OUTRAGED by stupidity.


I am so sick of the lies about this plant, this medicine. MY medicine… CHOICE of how to care for myself.

I guess I do have fear when I think about it. I fear going back to the pills. I fear the incessant gut ache from the pills. I fear the effect of the pills – and their trap. I fear addiction to the pills – as my condition is NOT going away. I am 44 years old – and have to live with a work injury for the rest of my life……I fear dying before I should HAVE to because chemicals have destroyed my internal organs.

I fear for the patients too…….

I get calls every day from patients. Patients in fear of losing the freedom of choice in how to care for themselves……”What do I do now?” is a common question….amongst tears – and no sleep.

They are as frustrated as I am about not being heard. Frustrated that the legislative body could not take more than 17 days to work on something so very important to so many people. HB 68 – of which we spent WEEKS developing last summer (and I still opposed by the way – pain, sickness, and disease are not selective re: probationers and parolees – MT is a state that re-instates rights upon release from an institution) was tabled directly after being heard. ROUND FILED is a better word – and all other regulation legislation followed it in there. They wanted it GONE – repeal it.

So – we HAVE to stand and fight folks…this is our last chance to change his mind – en masse!

I think we stand a chance folks……lets take a run at it eh?

Please – be respectful – and leave the culture at home. This is serious folks – people can die over this.

I hope the Veterans will make a strong showing to protect our innocent. I will dream tonight of military personnel and Vets holding “Listen to the People”and “Liberty” signs…..

Hope my dreams come true…..see you tomorrow folks.

Yup folks – it’s time for our voices to be heard! Ol Schweitzer wants to “hold his nose” and let this steaming turd SB 423 pass into law without his signature.

I was in Whitefish on May 5, 2011 for the SB 423 rally. There were over 300 people there!

THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE fighting to have their voices heard. Their VOTES heard!

I personally sat in the front row in the auditorium and listened to Gov Schweitzers speech. I was one of the folks passionately yelling “PLEASE VETO THIS!” as I wore my VETO SB-423 t-shirt so proudly.

Well folks – as I watched our good Governor react to his unexpected passionate crowd…..I think I saw a light bulb moment. I think I saw something go on in his head – and he may just be listening…..

That was only 300 people folks……we are 30,000 as far as patient counts go. 1% of our population base showed up to have their opposition be witnessed.

Well…..If we can get 1% in Whitefish – we should DAMNED well be able to get 10% in Helena!!!

Montana Connect has teamed with the Cash Hyde Foundation to Coordinate a Rally at our Capitol!

What: Rally!!! Have the Voice of the Patient be HEARD

When: Wednesday May 11, 2011 – 4-7pm

Where: State Capitol Front Lawn – Helena MT

Why? SB 423 is COMPLETELY unconstitutional and creates such hardship on the legitimate patients of Montana that they will be forced to criminal methods and treated as second class citizens. Not only THAT – but legitimate patients just like Baby Cash might DIE due to the constrictive nature and complete inaccessibility incorporated into the core base of this law!

Compassion has been thrown out the window – and the “Black Market Bill” is the ONLY choice?

I THINK NOT! Many of my fellow Montanans I speak to DAILY do not either. I make it a point to cruise by ol Gov Schweitzers Facebook page at least a couple times a day – and folks there are NOT happy! When I call the Governors Office – the phones have been ringing DAILY with unhappy Montanans.

And Brian is going to HOLD HIS NOSE?

Hold his nose – or turn it up and look the other way……?

Let’s take a LOOK at what exactly he is turning his nose up at…….

On the Patient side – if SB 423 goes into effect – this is what will happen – my comments are in red:

  • Your existing card is still valid until it expires; you’ll renew under the new rules.
  • IF you are LUCKY – wait til you see what happens with Doctors! Good luck finding one!
  • The same medical conditions will continue to qualify you, but if your diagnosis is “severe chronic pain”, the new law is much more strict. The pain must be persistent and of severe intensity, and objectively proven by an X-ray or MRI, or a second physician must confirm the diagnosis after a physical exam.
  • FIRST – how many Montanans can even AFFORD this? Many will be forced back on to pharmaceutical drugs and the path to addiction. Also – do they require this for ANY other pain management practices?
  • You must be a Montana resident.
  • In other words – if you are sick and dying of Cancer and come to Montana – piss off – we don’t care. Go die. You may get certified in another state and use that certification as a MONTANA resident to get a Montana card – but you had darn tootin better be a Montana resident to save your life!
  • Once you have your card, if you do not choose a provider, you’ll be able to possess 12 seedlings, 4 mature flowering plants, and 1 ounce of usable marijuana. By choosing a provider, you give up your right to grow for yourself.
  • Now – where on earth you are supposed to GET these seedlings, flowering plants, and usable marijuana is a completely different issue. AFTER the “Cleanse the state of the scourge (that’s us, by the way – sick and hurt people)” period from July 1- September 30 – apparently  seeds and clones are going to fall from the sky! During the 3 month “cleansing” all product and materials that have not been surrendered as of July 1 for destruction (to whom? no direction) will apparently be “rounded up”?  It will most certainly be interesting to watch this lil shindig play out if this happens. ALSO – growing is not so easy. I am a bona-fide plant murderer and only got lucky in my garden last year – and that wasn’t even so hot as I had a VERY low yield. You’re telling me a sick person will be able to tend a garden too? If they cannot find someone to GIVE them medical cannabis for FREE their only other option is to grow it themselves – or turn to black market. I am SURE the blackmarket folks are just DYING for this bill to pass! Thanks for saving us from them!
  • Failure to notify the state of a change of address within 10 days voids your card.
  • Ha! WHO is going to track that? OH – wait – there will only be about 20 folks left registered in the program. The one half time FTE should be able to handle that…..
  • You must carry your medical marijuana card with you at all times.
  • This – I happen to agree with wholeheartedly and practice religiously.
  • Parents wishing to register their minor children need a second doctor’s recommendation, must submit fingerprints for an FBI background check, and agree that the minor will never smoke marijuana, only use infused products.
  • Ok…….this is just plain STUPID. First – ANY parent looking to Medical Cannabis for a child must have a VERY sick child! Do they have to submit fingerprints for CHEMO? For opioids? COME ON! That is just nuts. And as far as smoking – If a kid is so sick they cannot eat a thing – you gotta get it into them somehow. Let’s be rational here and remember Dr. Tashkins study. Last registry count of children under 18 was 51. Bless their hearts and I hope they are doing well.
  • People under department of corrections supervision are not eligible.
  • Since when did cancer, seizures, or pain determine that folks under supervision were not on THEIR list? Corrections has a plan and guidelines in place now that they have recently implemented with internal guidelines. Shame on them for not roping things in sooner when they COULD have. Many legitimate patients will suffer for that. Fact is – I have spoken with many corrections folks who have been placed under gag order on this issue for public record. Most all have responded that yes – there have been abuses – but overall – many folks have done much better in their lives – and are doing better. If cannabis is completely removed from this demographic – it will only create more problems and expenses. Just leave well enough alone – and let folks have a life. The Judge and a Dr can work together in the best interest. Crime rates have went DOWN re: cannabis since 2004.
  • Gardens may not be combined and shared, unless you are relatives by blood or marriage.
  • I bet the power companies just LOVE this one! This means MORE GARDENS! MORE POWER! I bet law enforcement loves it too! This ought to keep the new Hotline that comes with SB423 just LIT UP! If their goal is to REDUCE grows – SB423 does nothing but MULTIPLY them… rabbits. SO much easier for the black market to hide! THEY have been hiding for YEARS….they’re GOOD at it!
  • Drivers may be compelled via search warrant to provide a blood sample.  5ng/ml is cause for a DUI charge.
  • BLATANT misunderstanding of how cannabis works in the human body. ANY person who uses cannabis daily would not be allowed to drive under this law.
  • If your drivers license is revoked for DUI, your medical marijuana card must be surrendered.
  • So…..alcohol and medical marijuana are paired again…..recreational style. Do they make opioid folks give up their pills?

I don’t know about you – but that kinda sets me ON FIRE MAD!

So – if it fires you up a little bit too – here’s what we HAVE to do.


And don’t let anybody give you any crap the legislature will override it…..we HAVE to TRY! They are out of the pressure cooker of the Capitol and you can approach your folks in your districts… on one folks. AWAY from the direct hot influence of the fools they had looming over them in Helena.


406-444-3111 – tell him how this bill will affect you. Can you grow? Do you live in public housing? Will your landlord let you grow? How does cannabis help you? How will it affect you to lose your right to use medical cannabis?

E-MAIL HIM!!!!    

Visit his Facebook page

Fax and mail him at:

Governor Brian D. Schweitzer
Office of the Governor
Montana State Capitol Bldg.
P.O. Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801
(406) 444-3111, FAX (406) 444-5529


Show up at this rally folks!!!!!

If you are SERIOUS about your medical cannabis – this is our LAST CHANCE to get him to VETO. This Rally is 2 days before his deadline……

So…..even if you are NOT a medical cannabis patient or caregiver – I encourage you – PLEASE – stand up for what is right! We were NOT given a fair shake from day ONE on the hill this legislative session. We were treated like second class citizens! We were BETRAYED by our own!




Show up folks – and if you wish to help – rent a bus and bring friends.

It’s NOW or NEVER!

Spread the word. Share the link to this blog on Facebook – MySpace – StumbleUpon. TWITTER it every chance you get. E-mail to all your friends. Be sure to Subscribe – and PLEASE feel free to post your comments below.

It’s time to come out of the shadows and fight folks……fight for the truth – and the innocent.

Fight for this sweet baby boy and all others just like him.

Cancer survivor thanks to Cannabis

I’ll be there to fight for him…….will you?

Please be sure to visit the Cancer Fears Me Cash Hyde Foundation Website

See KXLY News from Spokane story about Cash and his AWESOME Father – Mike Hyde.

See their ZOO FM story!

Thank you Beartooth NBC…..I got to vent.

Election districts across Montana

OK folks – we have 100 districts – and need 100 Captains!

Jobs for these Captains will be:

  1. Primary contact for District – must stay in touch with leaders!
  2. Receive – assign – and track all petitions being handled within your district.
  3. Make calls and motivate signature collectors. Oh! Collect signatures yourself too!
  4. Responsible for collecting all petitions and returning ON TIME.
  5. Voter registration promotion.

These are just basic duties – but important ones. It is going to be VERY important that the people who step up for these positions can be committed throughout the entire 6-8 weeks for just this portion of the mission. You folks who step up for this will also have to be PUBLIC – and not afraid to be out in the public.

This is a great motivator….I love TED talks!

We can DO THIS!!

Please folks – SHARE this blog – subscribe to it – and GET INVOLVED!

If you wish to be a leader – please comment below – and state what district you can work – and if you have any qualifications doing this type of thing before. It is NOT a requirement – we just need to know how much assistance is needed where…..

Hands UP folks! WE NEED CAPTAINS!!!!

Well folks – we sure got the short end of the stick THIS legislative session didn’t we?

I hate to say “I told you so” – but I called ol Schweitzer “Mr Shifty boots” from day one – and almost fell down the charmers hole myself. Folks told me to “have faith – the Governor is listening……”

He thinks a majority are just out to “smoke pot”…….to HELL with any pain studies… hell with science……to hell with FREEDOM OF SPEECH……

As I rode the roller coaster of emotions today – I truly thought I was losing my mind for a while……what in the HELL has happened to the GREAT state I grew up in?!?!?!

So – I wrote this letter to the Gov today via Montana Drug Policy Action Alert:

Subject: Are we still at Please?

Y’know…..I had really started to gain some faith in you. BELIEVED folks when they said you listened…..
Can I get pharmaceuticals for free now? Is BIG PHARMA gonna volunteer to DONATE pills to me?

Aside from even that…..WHY IN THE HELL do I have to poison my BODY with these chemicals????? Can YOU quantify MY pain?!?!?! Do you even understand how opioids and cannabis both affect glial cells? Opioids HARM – cannabis HEALS! HELLO!!!! Even pain doctors who are up on their research can tell you that!!! It was on Dr. Phil JUST THIS WEEK when they were tallking about a lil gal who started her opioid ADDICTION at age 15……it’s a PROBLEM. A BIG PROBLEM!

Don’t you HATE big pharma Brian? I have – ever since they KILLED my MOTHER 38 years ago……

NO ADVERTISING……DIRECT slap in the face to my educational TRADE and SCIENCE publication. OH – and what about FREEDOM OF SPEECH?!?!?!

You know what REALLY just CHAPS MY ASS Governor? The FACT that we had not even a SMIDGE of an even playing field here. Science and fact have gone to the wayside – and we come up with this steaming turd. The anti drug folks were allowed FULL ACCESS to do whatever they wanted and talk to whoever they wanted. I PERSONALLY had doors slammed in my face – and scheduled events that went unatteded. FAIR?!?!?! I THINK NOT!!! We were treated like second class citizens!!!!!

You should be ashamed to be behind something so illegal – and UNWANTED. It’s a freakin TRAINWRECK – and the bodies strewn all about are legitimate patients!!!!!

There has been ENOUGH bullshit this session Brian….just kill it. Status Quo and come at it again in another two years with a fresh round of politicians who will actually look at it FAIRLY. (There I go dreamin again….eh?)

Be SURE to watch that – and understand just HOW important storefronts are to a community who TRULY appreciates the science and lives that can be SAVED by a PLANT. That there video is of Baby Cash – and his Father Mike. The best – FAIREST interview I have EVER seen! Take 10 minutes and watch it huh?

Montanans have been LEADERS – and we asked for regulation to get rid of the idiots. We asked for HELP. SB 423 is NOT help – it is repeal – prohibition – and ILLEGAL. It’s a boot right to the teeth!

It’s a flat out SHAMEFUL piece of legislation – and I hope you VETO the steaming turd right off your desk.

For the sake of Montanans and patients across our great state.

Ahem…..yes…..I’m a wee bit CHAPPED – as are many folks I know across this great state.

So…..what the HELL do we do now? FIRST – subscribe to this blog and share it with all the folks you know – and ask them to subscribe. Not all folks have Facebook (where we have a GREAT army by the way) but a good percentage have e-mails – and will read a blog. When you subscribe – you get an e-mail every post. I have WordPress on my cell phone too – and think this will be best for updating when I am out in the field collecting signatures.

We have to build and ARMY folks – and build it FAST and FURIOUS! Then – when we Referendum their ass – we keep the army building and turn it into a political FREIGHT TRAIN come fall.

The peoples voices were NOT listened to – they will be NOW!

Are you with me?

Subscribe ~ Comment ~ Share

Let’s build this Army and KICK SOME ASS! Montana style…….

It used to be…….Cannabis USED to be grown at the White House. George Washington had a garden – as did Thomas Jefferson……

Then I ran across this today:

Medical Marijuana to be Grown in White House Garden this Year

Posted on February 05, 2011. Tags: 
Posted by P. Beckert

Medical Marijuana to be Grown in White House Garden this Year
WASHINGTON, D.C. – It is the first week of February, and for Michelle Obama, this means it is time to start planning the White House organic garden. While the garden will again contain a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as a few ornamental flowers, a new addition is sure to create the most controversy ever.

(Read more about the Medical Marijuana debate here.)

The White House organic garden will include several varieties of medical marijuana. The District of Columbia, like many states, has enacted medical marijuana laws allowing the cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes. A special gardener with a marijuana growing license has been appointed to oversee this particular plot of the garden.

Tommy Chong, no relation to Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame, is a Japanese gardener who is well versed in the various types of cannabis and their medicinal properties. Marijuana will comprise only a small part of the “medicinal herb” portion of the White House garden this year, which will also include various sage plants, lemon verbena, St. Johnswort, Valerian, Feverfew, Eyebright, and others.

A spokesperson for the garden project claims that this will be a first for the White House. “Marijuana has gotten a bad rap for decades,” said Mary Bridges, no relation to Jeff Bridges, notorious for his vocal backing of the legalization of marijuana. “Cultivating medical marijuana in the White House garden will send a clear message to America that this administration will do whatever it takes, including growing Maui Waui, (a particularly potent Hawaiian variety of the plant) to assure better health for our citizens.”

Asked if this means that the medical marijuana grown in the White House garden will be distributed and sold to local dispensaries in the area, Ms. Bridges replied “Oh heavens no. While growing medical marijuana is allowed, we have not yet approved the opening of any dispensaries in our area.

Anticipating the next question, Ms. Bridges explained “No, the Obamas are in excellent health and will not be using the marijuana themselves for any health issues.”

P. Beckert – who has written 296 posts on

P. Beckert’s is one voice vying for frequency room at the top of the opinion dial. Angered and bewildered by many of today’s events, P. Beckert uses humor as a tool to fight against an onslaught of stupidity and ignorance that seems to permeate the airwaves and pollute the sensitivities of a once brilliant nation. You can find more at

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha…….DAMMIT!
I had SO envisioned maybe a little TRUTH somewhere. Hoped against hope that MAYBE there was some iota of reason or common sense poking out somewhere.
Alas – A satire column.
Now – I appreciate the humor of the story – but it brings home a good point.
We as Montana Medical Cannabis patients have become a big “joke” to our legislative body – or a good majority of them anyway. They refer to us as “Hippies” and “Potheads” and have totally attempted to take away any legitimacy of the medical value.
To me – a fairly educated individual in the world of medical cannabis – this is a TOTAL crime.
They consider us to be “scourge”……..
More on that one later – just wanted a bit of humor memorialized…….

I am in a somewhat reflective mood today…..considering the past week and all. It has been RATHER challenging.

After 2 days in the Capitol this week – it was time for me to travel. Time to go see my folk – my friends – my fellow “scourge”…….as we have been deemed per legislation.

So nice to be judged. Used as a pawn in a political game of poker. Not just ANY poker game – but a damned BAD one. That’s the worst part.

Somebody PLEASE – shoot the freakin dealer!

Yup – I went to hang out with MY CROWD – as I was so thoroughly disgusted with the Capitol crowd. If I had to look at Essman, Knox, Peterson, Wittich, Lewis, Vincent,


The list is just too damned long to complete.

But if I had to look at them any more this week – I think my ass would have fallen off – and my brain would have melted into my skull from the sheer disbelief and witness of stupidity and destruction on our statehouse floor.

It truly takes every ounce of my being not to LEAP the frickin rail and land in the middle of all that shit and go all Bruce Lee on their asses.

Alas….I’m a gimped up dreamer. Back in the day – I mighta done it.

Alas troops….I digress. I came here to rally….

That is what we must do now – rally together. All along – I have told folks – we have GOT to get along – as unity is our best weapon. It is how we will beat them – conquer them.

We HAVE to folks. There are so many critically ill folks I know – it’s their faces I see in my sleep at night. I know the trials and tribulations MANY have gone through – all now at risk to lose it because of the actions of few.

That just plain ain’t fair……

I have heard the stories of caregivers across the state – jerking plants and pulling lights. The raids were timed perfectly now weren’t they? Scared the HELL out of folks – and I really can’t blame them. Cept for one thing – we ALL knew what we were getting into – getting into this right? Didn’t we ALL weigh the risks?

I think about them now – as I go into my small community of Lincoln. I was at my daughters program this weekend at the school. The hugest obstacle for me was last year – when I launched Montana Connect. I had went to my school – and had a sit-down with the school administrator, as I felt compelled to protect my child.

Turns out I was right – within a couple hours of going public – classmates were hassling my daughter and calling her names – stating her mother was a “drug dealer”.  Funny – all over a MAGAZINE.

I’m a patient. A patient who owns a magazine and takes advantage of my right to grow as a patient. Ask me about my success……not so good in the growing department. LOVE it – not so good at it – that’s why I educate and publish a magazine.

It’s my place. My part in this new wonderful world I love so much. The “scourge” as we have been called – are actually some pretty freaking AMAZING people! Brave, educated, talented, and very compassionate.

Yes – we have our “bad guys” – and we all hate em too. Livestock has their bad guys too – look at Leachman Cattle for instance – in Billings. They have been a “scourge” to the livestock industry as long as I remember – from back in the day when I worked in Livestock – over 10 years ago. Rampant abuse – questionable practices – and hundreds of horses abandoned on tribal land.

But that’s “ok” I guess…..according to how we are currently being governed. The ol Cowboys at Leachman’s can do as they please, the politicians shall turn their eye. GOD FORBID anybody try to do something about it – or even mention it. I remember how it all worked. It drove me crazy……

So – after what I have witnessed the past few weeks – I don’t know about you – but I’m rather pissed about it all. The lies are unconscionable – the deceit. ALL in our own statehouse! I SERIOUSLY think any and all should swear an oath to truth before they can utter a WORD. It would eliminate the games – and speed up the process.

NOW is the time folks. Instead of getting all freaked out and consumed by adrenaline (personally – I hate that feeling) – get MAD. Let it motivate you to motivate others. CONTINUE to write your politicians! e-mail them! Write and fax! All info to do so is


(Be sure to click the HERE above to go folks… will open another tab for your reference)

Now – to e-mail them ALL in house and senate – we had a wonderful soul put all e-mail addys into a group. Here is the House: Simply copy and paste group into your “To” field – and I use the BCC field. Keeps em guessin as they can’t see everybody who got it. You can click on them individually – but it’s a pain in the ass……,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And we CANNOT forget our Senate:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There’s all the tools folks – and here’s a few more things to START NOW so we can be ready!

Make lists of all folks who are registered voters – have group e-mail lists ready – and phone trees for the non-techy folks.

Get as many folks registered to vote NOW – as you have to be a registered voter to sign a petition. They COUNT on us being not registered. I don’t know about you – but I have been a registered voter since I turned 18 – 26 years now. They work for US.

To close – I will include the response I got from Senator Dave Wanzenried. The e-mail I sent is below – my subject was “Stunned Constituent”

Well folks – we have hit a new low haven’t we?

Thanks for making thousands of ill Montanans pawns in your little bargaining game.

I’m not going to threaten your offices – I will just do it. Each and every one of you who vote to hurt your fellow Montanans – I will work diligently to REMOVE you from your offices – and keep you from EVER getting into another one.

You have been presented with FACTS – all of you – multiple times. You CHOOSE to run with LIES and promote them.

I simply cannot abd WILL NOT support that in political office.

You folks are DESTROYING people – and using us as pawns.

Shame on each and every one of you. If this is the “wrong crowd” to run with – what the HELL is yours? No group I ever care to associate with – EVER.

Liars….liars and thieves. Lewis – Vincent – I am ESPECIALLY disappointed with you. LAME ASS excuses for repeal. Oh – and thanks for asking for input Vincent. I expect you’ll slam your door in my face EVERY time now? Anybody slam doors on the anti-drug folks? I bet not……

And for what it’s worth – remember Jennifer? The seizure patient from Bozeman? The stress of all of this has set off her seizures……she looks like HELL. The patients I have seen over the past 3 days are physically ILL over this. The calls I get…..unbelievable.

You folks are hurting SO MANY simply by your actions abd voices on the floor…….freaking them out and stressing them beyond their limits.

Do YOU care???

Oh….wait….we’re just a bunch of “potheads” – I forgot. I was blinded by science.

Essman – I am sure you are enjoying peoples pain and suffering.

I will remember EACH and EVERY one who made these folks out here suffer like this,,,,,,Each and EVERY one. We have video from session to back it all up too. Load videos in my smartphone and hit the campaign trail.

Promote the helpers – STOMP the hurters. I have a magazine to do it with too…..and I WILL. Next issue I start. You cannot take away my Freedom of Speech…….

I bet this session would try though… already have.

Hiedi Handford

Montana Connect Magazine
P.O. Box 432
Lincoln, MT 59639
~ We Bring Integrity & Credibility to the Medical Cannabis Industry~

Senator Wanzenried responded – and made me want to kiss him. His response is below:

Thank you for your note, Heidi.
Please remember one thing: We work for you (or at least we are supposed to).
Please don’t settle for anything less. Hold all of us accountable to your standards.
Please stay tuned and stay in touch with me.
Dave Wanzenried
My response to him:
Senator Wanzenried 

Thank you so much for your response. It means so much.

Call me if you have questions or directions. 406-594-7932

I spoke with Mary this morning. I thank God for both of you.

Hiedi Handford

And what I interpret to be a cry for help from a brave Senator…..
We are doing the best we can, Heidi.
As of right now, it isn’t enough.
We’ll keep trying.
Dave Wanzenried
NEVER say DIE people!!!!!


PLEASE feel free to comment below – or even post copies of your letters. Also – PLEASE subscribe – and share. Our voices must be heard.

Please join me!


Or an alternate title could be “I want to sweep chronic pain under the rug…….I can’t see it – therefore it couldn’t possibly exist!”

MT 62nd Legislature forgot?

Meet Senate Joint Resolution No. 28 from our 2005 Legislature.

Signatures of currently seated elected officials who voted FOR this resolution are listed in the image above. There are 28 total.

Since this legislation – the Montana Pain Initiative went to work with the American Cancer Society. They did their job. The study was conducted.

It is here:

28 of the same elected officials from the SAME 2005 session retain seats this session. The same folks identified voted YES for this resolution. They realized there was a severe problem with CHRONIC PAIN in Montana 6 years ago.

♥         ♥          ♥

Let’s take a look at what they agreed to – my commentary relevant to medical cannabis in color.

WHEREAS, inadequate pain relief is a serious public health problem in the United States, inasmuch as the American Pain Foundation has estimated that 50 million people suffer from persistent pain; and

50 million eh? That was back in 2005. What are those numbers today?

WHEREAS, pain is associated with lost wages and loss of productivity by American workers; and

REALLY? American workers = Montanans too right?

WHEREAS, many factors contribute to uncured or inadequately managed pain; and

Medical Cannabis is documented to assist with pain and be non-habit forming, non-addictive, and non-toxic. How about we ASK the participants of the program? Opioid patients got surveyed.

WHEREAS, all individuals with pain would benefit from having their pain thoroughly assessed and promptly treated; and

ALL – it said ALL right?

WHEREAS, pain is often accompanied by other symptoms that need to be managed along with the pain, including other symptoms arising in cancer patients; and

Multiple symptoms? PAIN is associated with MULTIPLE SYMPTOMS? They READ this before they legislated it – correct? They UNDERSTOOD what they were doing?

WHEREAS, appropriate application of excellent pain and symptom management practices, including the use of different treatment modalities, improves the quality of life for those who suffer from pain while reducing the morbidity and cost associated with untreated or inappropriately treated pain; and

appropriate application of excellent pain and symptom management practices, including the use of different treatment modalities

I read that right – didn’t I? That WOULD include the newly voted in INITIATIVE 148 correct?

reducing the morbidity and cost associated with untreated or inappropriately treated pain

Am I seeing things? I DID read that – correct? As Cannabis has NEVER killed ANYBODY I would contend it would REDUCE morbidity.

WHEREAS, no Montana state agency has been given the mandate to address untreated pain and lack of symptom management as a public health problem; and

Nope – None – Nada. They even had all this work done for FREE by the American Cancer Society.

WHEREAS, there has been no comprehensive study in Montana of the prevalence of intractable pain in Montanans, nor has there been an assessment of the pain and symptom management practices of Montana health care professionals; and

Now that there HAS been – does it still apply?

WHEREAS, private funding may be available from the American Cancer Society and other interested groups to support participation in, staffing, management, and coordination of a statewide pain and symptom management study; and

FREE!!! Yippee!!!

WHEREAS, the study would be conducted by an advisory task force made up of over 20 members from public agencies and private organizations and individuals with experience in or a demonstrated interest in pain and symptom management issues, including representatives of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, charitable societies, physicians, other health care providers, legislators, public assistance providers, advocates for voluntary health organizations, and individuals suffering from acute or chronic pain; and

The Montana Pain and Symptom Management Task Force (MPSMTF) was founded as a result of Senate Joint Resolution 28 passed by Montana Legislature in 2005. This resolution recognized the formation of a task force that would be given the task of assessing pain management practices and policies in Montana and making recommendations aimed at improving pain management throughout the state.

This white paper, Recommendations for Improving Pain and Symptom Management in Montana,is the MPSMTF’s report of its findings and resulting recommendations.

The resolution founding the task force states in part: Be it further resolved, that the American Cancer Society and the leadership of the task force are encouraged to give the task force’s report and recommendations the widest circulation practicable so that implementation of the recommendations made by the task force become a collaborative effort between public and private bodies and organizations with the most influence on privately furnished health care and on public policy.1

In keeping with this resolution, the MPSMTF submits this report and the following recommendations to the Montana Legislature, the Governor, and the Director of the Department of Public Health and Human Services and to all those who are interested in improving pain management in Montana.

Report submitted – to influence public policy – amongst other items listed. In other words – THEY GOT IT. Whether they read it or not is an entirely different issue. After this session so far – I am guessing they never got past the cover.

WHEREAS, those public agencies, private organizations, and individuals have agreed to serve on the task force without cost to the state, which is of significance because many of the benefits resulting from the task force will be benefits to public policymakers and state agencies; and

Carolyn Squires was part of this task force. LONG time Legislator – and none of this information brought forward.

WHEREAS, it is the intention of those who will participate on the task force to hold public hearings to gather information from the public on issues pertaining to pain and symptom management and to then provide advice and recommendations to appropriate public and private entities on pain and symptom management, including advice and recommendations concerning acute and chronic pain and symptom management treatment practices, state statutes and rules regarding pain and symptom management, and use of alternative therapies for pain and symptom management; and

use of alternative therapies for pain and symptom management

That WOULD include I-148 now wouldn’t it? I mean – original legislation had CHRONIC PAIN listed for not one – not 2 – but THREE separate qualifying condition categories! 2004 was when it was voted in!

WHEREAS, it is also the intention of those who will participate on the task force to provide advice and recommendations to appropriate public and private entities on acute and chronic pain and symptom management education provided by professional boards or others in the state, acute and chronic pain and symptom management needs of adults, children, and racial and ethnic minority and medically underserved populations, development of a drug repository for unused drugs used for pain and symptom management, and treatment of pain at the end of life; and

Wouldn’t this like SLAM Squires onto ANYTHING with chronic pain in a title??? Has ANYONE heard a PEEP from her on this?!?!?!

WHEREAS, it is also the intention of those who will participate on the task force to study and develop recommendations to state licensing boards on integrating pain and symptom management into the customary practice of health care professionals and identifying the roles and responsibilities of the various health care professionals in pain and symptom management and on the duration and content of continuing education requirements for pain and symptom management, on improving access to pain and symptom management in racial and ethnic minority and medically underserved populations, including the elderly population, and on improving access to pain and symptom management for children and adolescents; and

EPIC FAILURE!!!!! There are Continuing education credits for BOTH Physicians and Nurses sanctioned and approved by BOTH the AMA and ANA in Medical Cannabis.

WHEREAS, it is also the intention of those who will participate on the task force to report on the activities of the task force and make recommendations to the Governor, the Legislature, and the Director of the Department of Public Health and Human Services; and


WHEREAS, it is also the intention of those entities who will serve on the task force, in making the task force’s reports and recommendations, to consult with additional entities, including academic institutions, voluntary health organizations not represented on the task force, advocates, consumers, relevant professional organizations, and other appropriate entities.

Anybody from Medical Cannabis been consulted? I mean – I only had the FEDERAL PATIENT in state THREE TIMES in 6 months. It’s not like they had access or anything (NOTE* DRIPPING sarcasm)


That the American Cancer Society be thanked and congratulated for its support of such a large undertaking as the planned task force on pain and symptom management.

DONE! Page 5!

A special thank you goes to the American Cancer Society for its financial and staff support of the Montana Pain and Symptom Management Task Force (MPSMTF) and for the printing and distribution of this paper. The MPSMTF would also like to thank the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives, American Cancer Society National Government Relations Department and the Pain and Policy Studies Group for their resources and technical support.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Legislature encourages all of those public and private organizations and private individuals who have agreed to send members to or serve on the task force to participate to the fullest extent possible.

Have any of THESE folks showed up to testify?


  1. MichaelBergkamp, ND Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians Helena
  2. Betty Beverly Montana Senior Citizens Association Helena
  3. Starla Blank, PharmD Montana Board of Pharmacy Helena
  4. Kathryn Borgenicht, MD Montana Medical Association and American Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Bozeman
  5. Lee Ann Bradley, PharmD, BCPS Montana Pharmacy Association and University of Montana School of Pharmacy Missoula
  6. Deanna Brame, MSN, RN, C, CHPN Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Palliative Care Consultants Bozeman
  7. Jeannine Brant, RN, MS, AOCN St. Vincent Hospital Billings
  8. GaylaBrown, BSN, RN, LNHA Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation Helena
  9. Roger Citron, R.Ph. Department of Public Health and Human ServicesHelena
  10. KristinaDavis, RN American Cancer Society – Volunteer Great Falls
  11. Becky Deschamps, R.Ph. Kalispell Regional Hospital Kalispell
  12. Joan Eliel Montana Department of Justice Attorney General’s Office Office of Consumer Protection and Victim Services Helena
  13. JeanForseth, MN, RN, CHPN Big Sky Hospice Yellowstone City-County Health Department Billings
  14. Scott Hansing, DC Montana Chiropractic Association Helena
  15. Teresa Henry, MS, RN Montana Nurses Association Missoula
  16. Jan Jahner St. Peter’s Hospital Helena
  17. Linda Fike-Looser, PT, CLT-LANA, CES Montana Physical Therapy Association Hamilton
  18. MaryMcCue Montana Dental Association Helena
  19. Sue Miller, RN, BSN Department of Public Health and Human ServicesHelena
  20. Liz Rantz, MD State Department of Corrections Missoula
  21. Randale Sechrest, MD Montana Spine and Pain Center Missoula
  22. Robert Shepard, MD New West Clancy
  23. Carolyn Squires Montana State Senate Missoula
  24. Dwight Thompson, PA Montana Board of Medical Examiners Harlowton
  25. Linda Torma, MSN, APRN, BC Montana State University-College of Nursing Carroll College Parish Nurse Center Missoula
  26. Deric Weiss, MD, FACP Hospital Palliative Care Programs Billings
  27. Staff Kristin Nei American Cancer Society Montana Government Relations Missoula
  28. Connie SageMissoula

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Legislature thanks all of those organizations and individuals especially because the members of the task force will serve without public compensation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the American Cancer Society and the leadership of the task force are encouraged to give the task force’s report and recommendations the widest circulation practicable so that implementation of the recommendations made by the task force become a collaborative effort between public and private bodies and organizations with the most influence on privately furnished health care and on public policy.

EPIC FAIL! Has anybody even seen or heard ANYTHING on this? WIDEST CIRCULATION?? One would figure at LEAST one of 28 elected officials might remember this CRITICAL piece of legislation! Squires was involved and PRESENTED the BILL! It’s not like she’s a rookie.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Legislature looks forward to receiving the report and recommendations of the task force and implementation of the recommendations made by the task force because implementation will be important to the lives of those many Montanans suffering from acute or chronic pain whose enjoyment of life has been reduced by pain that has not been cured or effectively managed.

AS LONG AS they do not choose medical marijuana as a treatment. They forgot to add that little diddy in there……

And while we’re at it – let’s create financial pain and RUIN to go with all their health issues. I mean, they’re just a bunch of potheads – right? Let’s reduce their enjoyment in life even MORE – chronic pain isn’t enough – and you’re all just a bunch of fakers! We have proven in this report that chronic pain is not effectively managed – and that 70% of Montanans surveyed suffer from chronic pain MONTHLY! SEVENTY PERCENT!

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be sent by the Secretary of State to the Governor and the Montana Congressional Delegation.

And PROMPTLY be buried to NEVER be seen again – so that in 2011 we can do THIS

and COMPLETELY destroy Montanans and the spirit of this Resolution.

Thank you Senator Essman! So happy you could vote in this resolution – and so conveniently forget about it – and then go after 26,000 chronic pain patients! Take away an EFFECTIVE treatment that helps MANY Montanans! TARGET chronic pain patients to be removed from the database.

If you want to reduce numbers in ANYTHING wouldn’t it be in CHRONIC PAIN?!?!