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Well… you?

So – before the first faction of the steaming turd SB423 could even go into effect – it was stopped by lawsuit.

The lawsuits will be FLYING pending this lil piece of legislation…….steaming turd that it is. Started before it could even pass off the Gov’s desk.

I made calls all day Tuesday to the various officials. Started with the Governors Office – sent to DPHHS – and to Dept of Justice next – then the AG’s office. Not ONE had an answer for my pointed question “What is my punishment for taking away my constitutional right?”

I don’t think they appreciated how I framed it.

Ah…..well….if the truth hurts – they can walk a mile in my shoes these days…….

Truth of MY matter here is – regarding Montana Connect – folks all talk about how wonderful and all it is – yet…..I have advertisers who haven’t paid their invoices – a MAJORITY of them – and folks saying “let’s wait and see what happens with SB423”.

Well folks…..I am at the END of the foodchain here. I am NOT a caregiver – never have been – never aspire to be. I do not posess the skills to be one – nor do I want to be one. Writing and education are my gig.

Support – and “Showcasing” the best of the best. A “moral barometer” for patients to find the best Caregivers possible – as I try to develop relationships with my advertisers. Not just bop in – take their hard earned money – and bop out. It’s a working relationship. It is my job to make caregivers jobs look better – explain them to folks – decrease fear and “black market” accusations. Get them networking, learning from each other, and working in the patients best interest.

I also feel a duty to educate the patient – and help them make the best decisions possible. The Good Medicine section is dedicated specifically to medibles – and I will ALWAYS have the story “How to choose a Caregiver that is Right for you” as so many patients new to Medical Cannabis struggle with this issue regularly.

You know what folks? I can’t keep this magazine going if folks don’t step up to the plate! I need my current advertisers to pay their invoices and quite frankly – I need more advertisers!

I need brave, reliable, strong advertisers who are in support of this cause 100%. The fight for this plant and our medicine has been a LONG and weary one over many years…..the ONLY way we are going to win this fight – it by stepping forward, out of the shadows, and being strong.

So – folks – if you want to keep walking strong – please support your voice! Advertise! Help distribute! Use it as a TOOL! Every little bit helps – and the big strong guys can grab a cover.

I will be putting together some ads that folks can chip in on too – full page ones. If anybody has any ideas or would like to submit an idea – please send them to:

I would ask folks use the g-mail addy as it is so much easier – and folks misspell my name all the time.

Subscriptions are $24.95/yr -mail your check or money order to:

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For ad rates – you may call me directly at 406-594-7932 or inquire for media kit at the g-mail address.

Always remember folks – I intend that Montana Connect will ALWAYS be able to be read by my 10 year old daughter – so keep it respectful – and responsible.

In re-reading this post before I hit publish – I think “Damn! Never intended for my blog to be used to sell ad space” – but you know what?


Good GOD I bust my ass! I should be able to do this on my own and pay myself…..


Would be nice – and I shouldn’t have to be reduced to this point.

I’m telling you people – I’m ALL IN….my retirement – my person – ME! 500% – ain’t no going back now.

And….I truly do love what I do. How about granting me a little respect for doing it too – and support your LOCAL resource and educational magazine – Montana Connect.

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  • House & Senate Both Accept Lousy SB 423
  • Montana Marijuana-Related Groups Issue Statement Calling for 2ndVeto
  • Time to Email/Call Governor Schweitzer to Urge Veto



House/Senate Both Accept Lousy SB 423


As expected, both the House and Senate this morning accepted the conference committee report on SB 423.  If rules are suspended, it is possible the bill will reach the Governor’s Office by late today or tomorrow, in time for an amendatory veto that could – could– greatly improve the bill.


You can check this morning’s vote outcomes here:







Montana Groups Issue Statement Calling for 2ndVeto


Shortly after the votes this morning, a coalition of Montana groups issued the following statement to news media:

Medical Cannabis Groups Call for 2ndVeto:

SB 423 is “Deliberately Unworkable, Repeal in Disguise”

 Montana’s medical cannabis-related groups together called on Governor Schweitzer to veto SB 423, saying that repeal of the 2004 voter initiative was unacceptable, and so is repeal in disguise.  SB 423 was written primarily by strong advocates of repeal, and is deliberately unworkable, the groups said.

Patients & Families United, the Montana Medical Growers Association, Solutions for Montana, Alliance for Cannabis Science, Montana Botanical Analysis, Cannabanalysis Laboratories, Citizens for Cannabis Comprehension, Montana Connect, and Montana NORML  issued a joint statement calling for the veto shortly after both the House and Senate passed a conference committee report on SB 423.  The long and complicated bill was itself written and completely rewritten several times over the past few weeks including more than 160 amendments which were hastily attached last week.

The groups’ statement:

“We came to the 2011 session seeking to work constructively with legislators, law enforcement and numerous civic groups to develop smart regulations that would close loopholes, end abuses, and create a strictly regulated program that would serve legitimate patients and meet the needs of law enforcement and local community values.  Unfortunately, the Legislature roundly rejected a number of bipartisan proposals that had strong support from all concerned. Ultimately, the views of physicians and patients were dismissed and the opinions of growers with a unique knowledge of the challenges involved in growing medical-grade cannabis were ignored.  Instead of ending up with workable but rigorous oversight we’ve been given a prospective wasteland, with the very best of what has emerged over the past few years potentially outlawed by the Legislature. This deliberately unworkable repeal in disguise deserves a veto brand as much as the repeal bill did.

“If SB 423 becomes law, Montana’s medical marijuana law will be more broken and riddled with ‘gray areas’ than ever and thousands of medically legitimate patients will suffer greatly. This hastily written bill, amended in its final draft more than 160 times, was crafted by legislators who know very little about the mechanics of producing medical grade cannabis and about the science of using cannabis as medicine – and it shows.  The bill contains ridiculous and often contradictory requirements that serve no useful purpose and that merely obstruct fulfillment of voter intent in passing Initiative 148.

“To illustrate some of SB 423’s impractical conditions, it makes it illegal for experts in growing medical cannabis to do so for large numbers of worthy patients, and instead allows only volunteers to grow, but for no more than three patients, in the patient’s home.  However, under the bill there is no legal way for anyone to obtain the seeds or clones necessary to start new plants for patients.  Additionally, the bill does not consider the length of time needed for plants to start producing cannabis, leaving severely ill patients without medicine…completely contradicting the intent of the 2004 Initiative.

“In addition, SB 423 requires those legally entitled to grow to be fingerprinted and to pass a background check, and to be willing to have their home “inspected” – without notice – at any time by local law enforcement, who will be informed of patients’ private medical status. Those patients needing to produce cannabis-infused products to eat would have to be able to prove to law enforcement that the kitchen contained all the equipment needed, none of which could ever be allowed to be used for anything else.  Any infused product would also have to carry a warning label, even though it was for the patient’s personal consumption.

“SB 423 will not work for patients, even those very few who are able, under its punitive terms, to obtain recommendations from physicians.  Among some of the bill’s other problems:

· Repeals the existing law, including the guarantee of confidentiality, – but doesn’t ensure the future confidentialityof the patients/caregivers currently registered.  SB 423 saysnothingabout what will happen to the current registry.

· Violates federal healthcare privacy rules by requiring local law enforcement to be informed of every patient’s status.

· To arbitrarily“shrink” the number of legal patients, SB 423 intrudes in unprecedented ways on physician standards of practice – requiring anyphysician to be investigated if more than 15 recommendations are made in a given year, and that the physician pay for all the investigations.  This provision seeks deliberately to deter physicians from making recommendations, regardless of the severity of a patient’s medical need.

· Requires two separate and costly physician exams for chronic pain patients who don’t have objective “proof” of the “etiology” of their severe, debilitating pain (which would be the vast majority of ordinary severe pain patients).

· Completely bans anyoneon probation – regardlessof how dire the person’s medical need or necessity might be – from being a legal patient. (In at least one case we know of, this could amount to a literal death sentence.)

· No one can grow for more than three patients – and those who grow may not share facilities or skills in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

 . Growers/patients have to choose between using “infusible” cannabis products or “bud” for smoking – but can’t do both, which is what most patients have found they needto receive the medicinal benefits.

· Bans scientific laboratories that can test medical cannabis for safety, content, quality-control and dosage-control purposes.

· Possession limits and growing restrictions virtually guarantee that most all patients will NOT have reliable, consistent access to the cannabis that has allowed them to function without narcotics.  Prescriptions for which these patients no longer have as a ready alternative and will need to seek access.

· All medical marijuana must be “free” – regardless of its actual production cost.  Because of possession limits, SB 423 will require indoor growing, the least efficient and most expensive. Most current growers have found production costs can average almost $200 per ounce; much of which in utility/electricity costs. 

“SB 423 is written to fail patients, not to fulfill compassionate voter intent in ways that also will work well for law enforcement and communities.  We call on Governor Schweitzer to veto the bill and instead to aggressively use administrative authorities under the existing law to create effective regulation.”

# # #


Time to Call/Email Governor Schweitzer


If the Governor receives SB 423 while the Legislature is still in session, one of his options will be to issue an “amendatory veto,” in which he could propose changes to SB 423 in a “take it or leave it” move.  But if the Legislature has shut down by the time the bill gets to the Governor’s office, then his only choices would be to veto or accept the bill (with or without his actual signature).


It is now time to urge the Governor to Veto SB 423 unless he is willing and able to transformit into regulation that will actually workfor legitimate patients.


Here’s a site from which you can easily send your message to Governor Schweitzer:


The Governor’s phone number is 406-444-3111.



 [Founded in early 2007, Patients & Families Unitedworks to support Montana’s medical marijuana patients, regardless of their medical condition, and pain patients, whether they use medical marijuana or not.  If you don’twant to be on the mailing list for these periodic updates, please email to tell us at Visit our website for background and information of use: www.mtpfu.orgWe welcome feedback of any kind, including stiff, honest criticism, but we reserve the right to remove from our mailing lists anyone who makes a habitual practice of sending threatening or irrational “flames.”]


© 2011byPatients & Families United


Patients & Families United
PO Box 1471
Helena, MT 59624

My letter this morning:

Holy Maerde Governor……

I must say – I am simply stunned by what has transpired within Montana over the past 3.5 months. STUNNED.

We – I speak for medical cannabis folks – MANY across our great state whom I have personally met – walked into this session with the spirit of working together to build a law, educate folks, and protect Montanans at every level.

That is most certainly NOT what happened, and myself and hundreds I can speak for, feel completely affronted and betrayed. Yes, betrayed Governor……at every level.

I personally have brought Federal Medical Cannabis Patient Irvin Rosenfled to Montana 3 times in 6 months to educate Montanans. You may have seen his appearance in the Montana PBS video, Clearing the smoke. Montana PBS made one of the BEST documentaries pertaining to medical cannabis I have ever seen. You may view it here:

Did our current legislature even VIEW it?

What about the 2011 Legislators Guide to Medical Cannabis? I personally helped to distribute copies of this document on January 15, 2011. Here is a link to a copy of it for your review:

All there – in black and white. Detailed descriptions and answers to almost ALL questions they may have had! Most certainly an opening for dialogue….and a place to “start”. HOURS were spent on that guide……hours.

Did a single one of them even crack the cover Governor? I’d like to know how many even still HAVE it.

Yes, dear Governor – we walked in blindly with open arms willing to work and got completely neglected and ignored. They delete e-mails from patients in their districts without reading them. They go against their “base” and judge us on moral convictions. Judge Montanans they don’t even know, based on a Reefer Madness mentality.

It really HAS been Reefer Madness in Montana and your description of Bat Crap Crazy is completely accurate.

This was particularly painful to witness, and be “deemed” by someone I personally would consider to be an “import”:

Yes – Representative Howard called us all “A scourge that must be cleansed from our state”. This – and ever so appropriately timed raids……

Oh – and shall we talk about raids Governor? March 14, 2011 – I know EXACTLY where I was when that happened. I was with Irvin Rosenfeld on his THIRD trip to Montana to educate folks in Billings. That was something so lovely to witness and be so proud of. Not ONE politician stood up for states rights! Not ONE in defense of patients – or to help decrease fear or stress for VERY sick people across our state. Betrayed AGAIN….by a GOP majority legislature no less. Personal freedoms? SURE! As long as marijuana isn’t involved you can slap a silencer on your rifle to hunt and pack concealed without a permit! Yee-haw! Trot into a bank or a bar with that gun there too while yer at it Pardner……

From that point – yes – folks have quit coming to the Capitol. Many out of fear…many disgust….BOTH.

I was never afraid Governor. I’m so in this up to my eyeballs with my magazine I HAVE to stand up for folks. I couldn’t live with myself if I ran and hid in a corner. After all I have learned and know, I’d as soon shoot myself as not stick up for the patients I know across this state. Hell – across the world Governor……

SOMEBODY has to – their politicians most certainly aren’t……not in Montana anyway. We have been deemed “Scourge” and second class citizens.

But I will tell you this…..I will walk proud EVERY day. I know in my heart I am right Governor. I have researched and learned and WITNESSED the science. Bald faced lies have been told on our great statehouse floor about Cannabis…..again. Seems folks can do nothing but lie about it in government statehouses – been doing it for over 74 years now…’s a habit. A BAD habit – that needs to be broken. The unfairness needs to end.

Speaking of unfairness this session……I personally had e-mails deleted without being read – many – and doors slammed in my face – with Irvin in tow. YET – the anti-drug folks were allowed pretty much free access to whatever they wanted. We had folks here from California testifying against Montanans! Save our Drugs from Society was promoted by our own politicians – with no opportunity for counter or debate. NONE. Really didn’t help having Safe Communities Safe Kids having full access to our politicians whenever they pleased either……so much for an even playing field.

That’s just a few examples……not all.

And honestly Governor? My ass is quite chapped that they didn’t even LOOK at the Greybill. They were all SO focused on repeal……good bills went to the wayside, and folks who WERE helping us in the past essentially threw us under the bus as a pawn in the appropriations game, or for personal agendas. SICK PEOPLE! HURT PEOPLE!

Shall I scream about them ignoring Senate Joint Resolution 28 from the 2005 session now? There are still 28 seated legislators who passed that resolution – 14 in the house and 14 in the senate – and not ONE of them mentioned it – or the pain study from Squires was IMMERSED in it – and participated fully from introduction of SJR-28 to completion of pain study. NOT ONE WORD!!!

What are we? A bunch of fakers? Politicians can now quantify my pain – and MAKE me take pharmaceuticals?!?!

PLEASE stop the insanity Governor……and remember Denita Carman and her son on probation. It’s ALL that works for him – and from what I understand – DOC came up with their own guidelines and a way to manage it just in the past two weeks. Please don’t allow all to be punished for the foolish actions of few. There truly are some good folks on probation who medical cannabis has helped immensely, they do not abuse it, and they should have the right to be free from chemical entrapment. There are folks like Denitas son who find it is the ONLY thing that works for them.

SB423 is simply NOT fixable as I see it Governor – unless you can amend it with the Greybill and protect and educate us all. Personally – if I HAD to choose between edibles and smoking – I couldn’t do it – as I utilize both methods……

See….they haven’t read or learned a thing. I watched the free conference last week – and it made me so sad. They were working SO hard – WHY could they have not worked THAT hard earlier on fixing it? They have NO CLUE and their goal is strictly to decrease numbers. Nothing more – nothing less……compassion is out the window. They work hard to DESTROY us. I mean “no advertising?” – I take that as a PERSONAL affront and a complete attack on not only my freedom of speech, but my livlihood, and means of supporting my family and EDUCATING folks. “Therapeutic” – how much longer are we going to LIE to our children, or come up with more creative ways to do it? I take THAT personally too – as in the Greybill – we strove to call it what it IS – CANNABIS! Marijuana is a SLANG term. Since when are slang terms used in legal-speak?

Please Governor….just veto SB423. Give folks a chance to right wrongs and breathe. DO NOT allow patients to go without meds for MONTHS – and the emminent destruction of quality strains in Montana. I personally have a very high CBD strain that is very good for muscle spasms – and lower in THC. It would be devastating to me to kill it.

We have learned and advanced so much…..the science – the integrity. Credibility!

Please Governor – let common sense prevail……and help protect and educate rather than segregate and destroy.

We are counting on you….

Hiedi Handford

Montana Connect Magazine
P.O. Box 432
Lincoln, MT 59639

~ We Bring Integrity & Credibility to the Medical Cannabis Industry~


Simply stunned.

Y’know….after growing up in Montana for 34 years, I’da thunk I’d seen about everything. We had the Freemen…..We had cyanide heap leach mining…..We had game farms. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy…..yup – we had that too.

Of course – being from Lincoln how could I POSSIBLY not mention good ol Ted. Yup – Ted Kaczynski – The Unabomber. I moved to Lincoln in February of 1996 – they hauled ol Ted off on 4/2/96. I really thought it was April Fools a day late……

Fast forward almost exactly 15 years…..

Whee-DOGGIE! Welcome to Montana’s 62nd Legislative Session.

I’m in Bozeman today. Had to WORK sometime – we’re not all as rich as the general population thinks!

So….I caught the ass end of the 2nd reading on HB161.

WOW! I mean….can you say WOW?!?!?!

Lemme tell you…..there were some Democratic Senators out there today who showed some BALLS! I SO appreciate their efforts!

Senator Keane – you get my first “hats off” for where I walked in – as it was just before he took the mike. THANK YOU Senator Keane!

Senator Wanzenried. THAT man is my FREAKIN HERO! Not often does a man stand on the floor of the Senate and wear their BALLS PROUDLY and wield them ever so appropriately.  I was ever so pleased to hear him state publicly that he had knowledge that folks on the floor of the Senate knew about the DEA Raids before they happened.

Senators had made comments about the few attendees.

Well – Senator Wanzenried summed it up rather effectively. I will take it further.

They are SCARED! So nice to take honest Montanans and frighten the HELL out of them right in the middle of session! GREAT way to eliminate folks from testifying!

Nice strategy folks……great way to push a repeal through. So glad you can play political poker with folks lives.

I don’t know how you sleep at night.

Senator Gillian – THANK YOU for standing up and talking about all the anti-drug propaganda folks they brought in with big money behind them. I have been privy to a couple e-mails… has been rather disgusting.

SO….lessee…….brief re-cap…..

Start out with a big fight at the microphone in the beginning…..

“OH SHIT” say the opposition “there ARE a LOT of them. My my….we had better DO something about that!”

March 14, 2011 – there’s the SOMETHING. Just so happened to be Federal DEA Raids (Wait – call it what it is – ROBBERY. No freakin arrests – no charges…..)

Results? JUST what they wanted…..Patients RUN for the hills – scared for their lives.

Caregivers – well – there are still quite a few brave souls standing. A few BRAVE MONTANA SOULS who will stand up for what is right.

In the meantime – then the opposition brings in the big money anti-drug propaganda guys to fill the freaked out legislatures minds with lies and corruption…….

PERFECT brew to set up for repeal.

I call in on the phone lines. What’s crazy is this – when I ASK THEM – the operators – what kind of responses they are getting on the same bills I am calling on (today SB423 and HB161) – they told me probably 90% (a HUGE majority one gal said) were all calling in and saying NO.

Then…..votes like this pass – and they don’t read e-mails. Don’t read e-mails – or phone messages I guess.

Is this April Fools Day? Early?

I sure hope so……

e-mail and public records

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THIS concerns me.

First – a little history. I worked in a Records unit for 5 years. That records unit was a state government records unit. The best one in state government as far as I was concerned. I had worked for the mighty DNRC Water Rights Records Unit as the lead scanner. I had come from DEQ before that with 4 years under my belt. Another water position – another scanning position. In BOTH positions – I was micro-managed right OUT of my mind.

Alas – that is another story – and I digress……

Throughout my micromanagement within these 2 departments I had ONE thing DRILLED into my head. e-mail is public record – and NOT to be trifled with. It was their biggest leverage for punishment department wide in both. The slightest infraction would be drug out upon any “issues” within department.

It’s how they kept us IN LINE – as invariably SOMEONE would get an e-mail from home – or get added to a spammer list. And how hearts would flutter if they got a RED HAND. One gal 15 years my senior had an all day long anxiety attack over a red hand she got one day online working.

Actually – from a Human Resources standpoint – it was a very efficient “tool”.

Probably why state government allows our elected officials to maintain their private accounts for legislative work. Probably why the county wants to delete everything after 60 days. Probably why attorneys will and SHOULD object at any and all costs.

It’s a great way to destroy evidence – all with the push of one little button. Well – three if you know how to do it correctly……

POINT – Our Governor isn’t the only shifty boot politician out there. Legislators have openly bragged about deleting 1300 e-mails at a time on an issue they didn’t agree with – without even reading them. They just “knew what they were about – and they were a “form letter” so I don’t have to read them” (or pay attention).

What else happens in the private e-mail addys of said shifty boot politicians?

Well – taxpayers and voters – we’ll NEVER know. Our elected officials use private e-mail addresses for state government work. As far as I know they have NO requirements (how could the state possibly govern them?) to share their e-mails. They sure as hell would have to if they were an employee of our great state though. They would be public record.

WHY are e-mail accounts of ELECTED officials governing our state with PRIVATE e-mail accounts. Christ – I had to have special permission and software to access my state govt e-mail from HOME!

I suspect there is some pretty  shady business going on out there folks. We have to do something about it.

How hard would THEY fight against HAVING to use a state government e-mail address? Having same rules as mere employees?

I say we get a bill in for next session requiring FULL exposure – and immediate assignment and usage of state e-mail upon election. FULL DISCLOSURE as per state e-mail rules now. They might actually get something done and have to be HONEST!


Doobie or not Doobie

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If I could – I would read this poem aloud in the Rotunda at the Capitol.

They’d probably have me hauled off in chains though.

Doobie or Not Doobie – THAT is the question!

The man speaks the truth.

Hope you enjoy



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My poor widdle head hurts

My poor widdle head hurts

My head hurts so damned bad this legislative session I can’t even remember how many days into it we are. My cannabis consumption has increased by a THIRD. Not simply to manage the pain in my body, hands, and arms, but my head – and an ever increasing anxiety.

What in the BLEEP?!?!

Not simply about JUST Cannabis either. Our legislature is INSANE this year. I have spoken to many of the long time GOP party members I know, long time friends, and they are just as stunned.

Guns in bars and banks? I was FLOORED by that one – especially with the fact that we do still have “showdowns at the OK corral” in Montana. Right here in lil ol Lincoln for that matter – 60 miles from ANYWHERE. NO emergency services for 60 miles – and lifeflight over mountain ranges – treacherous ones. Just had a gun throw down last October, right before Halloween. Did they forget about that? Did they even KNOW about that? I would HOPE so – but I doubt it.

They don’t pay attention. They WON’T pay attention. It is SO frustrating.

So – re: medical cannabis in Montana and our current legislative body – personally – I think we’re all SCREWED. I know for a fact they all received The 2011 Legislator’s Guide to Medical Cannabis. I helped deliver all 150 copies – and filled out forms for the Seargent’s of Arms in both House & Senate. Have they read it? Have they even cracked the cover?

I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT! It is quite apparent in the questions they ask – and their actions. They understand NOTHING and are governing by social stigma, rather than science and fact. GOD FORBID they listen to a patient or a grower dontcha know…..we all be CRIMINALS!

Give me a friggin break.

Shall we talk about Code of the West? Spear-chucking? Any MORE of the plethora of time-wasters – and just plain STUPID legislation.

Maybe we DO need to legislate a Code of the West for these idiots – they most certainly do NOT practice it! They need a reference point – someplace to start I guess. Their parents didn’t raise them with the same values they think they need to Legislate. That’s the trouble with having so many “imports”.

I say they damned well should PRACTICE what they PREACH before they even attempt to legislate it. Then they might realize WHY it is such a stupid thing to Legislate. You can’t fix stupid – and you cannot legislate common sense!


I’ll tell you – it has been interesting from my standpoint. Here we have a shifty boot Governor – who threatens to veto – rather than Govern. A House of 100 Representatives who LIE on the floor – OPENLY – with no fact checking before they speak. Senators who see you coming in the hall and duck and run. See them at a social function – and it’s quite apparent you’re NOT one of the “cool kids”.

Science and FACT have been given – and they still run on stereotypes and lies – with a GOAL to DECREASE numbers in the medical marijuana program in Montana.

Which one of ANY of them has a medical degree to tell 26,ooo patients to go on opioids? Their ultimate goal is about 2,000 patients.

Or so I am told……

Yet – prescription drugs are a HUGE problem in Montana – and they want to put us all on THAT freight train! PILLS KILL!

What happened to MY right to govern MY body? Cannabis works for me – and allows me to function daily – better than any pharma treatments EVER would – with no risk of death.

As a matter of fact – I feel better than I ever have in my LIFE!

They want to take that away from not just me – but many like me. They consider me a “pothead” because I am not DYING. Well – I have news for them – I do not want to die by pills! I have NO desire to be trapped in a chemical coma – destroying my kidneys and liver along the way.

I will also fight VERY hard NOT to have it taken away.

If they only knew the history of how and why it was made illegal. If they only CARED. If only…..

I’ve grown up in this state. My Papa moved us here 34 years ago, when I was 10. I have since raised my family here. I own horses, I belong to my local rodeo club. I own property. I am a part of my community, I chaired the blood drive for 12 years. I am a businesswoman. I am a business owner. I am a voter. I am a Republican. I fly my US flag EVERY day. I am a Montanan. A very proud one at that.

Until 11 weeks ago. Eleven weeks ago I became very disappointed, and disgusted. As I stand in our state capitol today and look around our great statehouse I wonder “What in the HELL has happened to our state and the folks we have elected to govern it?”

I am a Medical Cannabis patient. That should answer a few questions. I am NOT a criminal. I would like to make that point quite clear.

I have a debilitating condition that cost me my job. My state government job. I loved working for our great state, and I miss it. Alas, that same job I loved became a work injury, and a nasty booger of one at that. It was almost 13 months ago I lost my job.

I have been a medical cannabis patient for almost 2 years now. Back when I got my certification I had to wait 4 months for a doctor appointment. Medical records were required. My exam was extensive, and my office visit lasted all morning, with an educational talk performed by the physician for half an hour with the group of 4 of us before we could leave. My certification was professionally and respectfully done with education and compassion.

Shortly after I got my certification, I saw the “traveling circus shows” start up across my great state. I watched in horror, as I saw the newspapers unfold with the pictures of the abuse and exploitation of our compassionate law. “No! Stop! Don’t!!!!!” I yelled at my computer monitor from Lincoln.

Patients will suffer…… was all I could think. I despised that guy……he was blatantly hurting Montanans, and in NO WAY understanding in any way shape or form how or why. Why is that do you ask? I say – he is not Montanan, so he doesn’t understand us. We are private, conservative folk who appreciate personal freedoms. Personal freedoms that are not abused.

I apologized for this behavior. I drove to Great Falls when they were having their moratorium meetings and publicly apologized for behavior not mine. “He is not “we”!” I testified. I attended the subcommittee hearings in August. I again apologized and begged “Make it Montana! KEEP it Montana! Help us!”

I was in Colorado in both November and December where I witnessed their medical cannabis law first hand. When I came home – I begged Mark Long to not make Montana patients have to suffer under such a system. It was such a “Weedslinger” atmosphere – they had no idea what strain worked for what pain. They were selling buggy plants to patients. They had simply legalized the black market, no medical records were being kept. There was no quality control, no safety measures.

Montana caregivers I know across the state do NOT behave like Colorado caregivers I witnessed in lower downtown Denver. They care very deeply for their patients, and work hard to meet their needs and find what works for them. They are your fellow Montanans folks! Many displaced by the fallout of the construction industry! Many have turned to this to avoid public programs and save their mortgages and homes. Many simply because they care, and have learned the truth about Cannabis as medicine. Many are patients themselves.

Look at the patients – YOUR fellow Montanans. They have taken advantage of one thing this great state prides itself on, and has for years. Pioneering, and personal freedoms. Trust. Community. Safety and Safe access. Their fellow Montanan looking out for them in their time of need.

Now- fast forward 11 weeks into the 62nd Legislative Session. Our Legislature has made into law a Code of the West they don’t currently practice, as the DEA Raids commence upon their fellow Montanans. REPUBLICAN LEADERS of my own GOP party have not stepped forward to scream about States Rights!

“What in the F%$K!!!” is all that screams through my mind these days. I have completely witnessed the ultimate betrayal. My own elected officials see all of us as criminals. I am no longer a Montanan to them, to be served and protected. They choose not to read or learn any of the science or fact they are presented with. Our EDUCATED society is today being governed by social stigma, rather than science and fact. Lies have run rampant on the floors of our great statehouse, and continue to be propagated by fools. Bills were presented over the past three legislative sessions, and nothing was done regarding medical cannabis. Now – just take it away?!?!

What happened to looking out for each other? What happened to community? What happened to respect? Should the entire medical cannabis population in Montana be held responsible for the very small percentage who abuse it? Why can’t we all work TOGETHER to protect Montana patients? Protect Montana caregivers and business owners. Without them – patients will have to go to the black market and cartel. The black market and cartel will load the trucks and hit the border as Montana law enforcement will be too busy arresting Montanans.

Quite a freakin pickle we have gotten into here – and in the end – it will be the patients who suffer. The patients and our children, as the black market has no care or concern who they sell to. They’ll just be happy to have their market back…..