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No matter WHO they are – or how good intentioned the project.

This morning I woke up to this some pretty serious allegations.

First and foremost – I would like to state – in no way, shape, or form was the Cash Hyde Foundation scammed or ripped off.

In any manner.

I was saddened to see Mike Hydes accusations this morning. I understand they were born from his grief and suffering at losing Cashy.

As Mike mentioned, I am not funded for the work I do on behalf of patients in Montana and across the country. The incident in question, the fall 2012 Indigogo fundraiser, was a $5500 online fundraising campaign for the Foundation. The $5500 goal included a $1500 reimbursement to me for money I had already spent working on behalf of Cashy and the Foundation. The fundraiser netted 1325.00 which I kept as reimbursement for my expenses. Mike and the Foundation Director know this to be true. We had made arrangements well in advance of the fundraiser, and my work efforts. We had a verbal contract.

Re: the e-mail account, of which I am not the only person using Cashy’s name in a free e-mail account out here –

I received ONE e-mail re: the Foundation at this address which I will share in entirety here:

Mike Hyde III

Mike Hyde IV

That is the e-mail in entirety.

They say “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” – Sadly – I am finding this to be very true.

Accusations like this do nothing for the real victims of the drug war.

I am hugely saddened by events of the day, and I wish the best for Mike, Kalli, Colton, and Catherine. I love them all very dearly – and hold them in high esteem. I grieve for Cashy too – he was so very special to me, as he was to so many.

Cashy was my first immersion into pediatric application of Cannabis oil – and I cherish the experience no matter what the outcome of a failed fundraiser. I have donated countless hours of time, as well as my own finances when I had them. I was one of the very few who got behind this family in Montana in the beginning.

I am sorry this has happened. Rest assured folks – if I ever perform another fundraiser for anybody – anywhere – there will be much more than a verbal contract involved.